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Path of Exile Macro Utility Compilation – AHK

Path of Exile Macro Utility Compilation is a set of macros written in Auto Hot Key, which adds several functions to the game. While most of them have no use for people who only want to use macros to cheat,

POE Stash Helper – Automatized Smart Crafting

POE Stash Helper is an advanced tool which will help you to manage your items and crafting, within Path of Exile. This program is designed to simplify the work with the stash and also to simplify / accelerate the process of

Path of Exile Map Hack – Non-Steam PoE x64 Download

This Path of Exile map hack works with x64, non- Steam clients. It will open up the hidden map for you, allowing you to adjust the darkness as well as to enable unlimited zoom. This is helpful when you need

POE Legacy map texture exploit

Here’s a picture of a pre2.0/Legacy map texture within prophecy. There is a simple way to get this POE Legacy map texture exploit – but it’s kind of useless, so I figure I should post it publicly, for all to see.  POE

POE Smoother Effects Remover – Path of Exile

The POE Smoother Effects Remover works to remove particles and other effects which may slow down your game or inhibit your playing the game. This tool uses VisualGGPK – many thanks to it’s devs.

PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack – Steam Version

Have you been looking for a PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack only to find the non-Steam version? If you’re using the Path of Exile Steam Version, then you might be astounded to find that the PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack, which works

PoE Crafting Order Flowchart – Path of Exile

This PoE Crafting Order Flowchart for Path of Exile is the result of my synthesizing of information gathered in a crafting thread with over 130 helpful tips. It applies to physical damage items but it’s easy to extrapolate the adequate variation for any

Better FPS PoE Guide – Path of Exile ~ MMOExploiters

Getting Better FPS in Path of Exile, is simply a matter of knowing which is better for you, VRAM (Video RAM) or FPS (Frames Per Second), and applying it for your settings. In general, more FPS and less VRAM is better

Path of Exile Fishing Guide

If you heard about Fishing in the last few months in Path of Exile, but didn’t really know much about it, then it’s time you learned. Fishing is a somewhat popular topic in the Path of Exile community, both on

Path of Exile Script: Auto-Pot & Auto-Quit

Path of Exile Script – Auto Flask is an improved upon POE AutoFlask script, originally created by Wrongusername. It now adds a few functions, adding the following to the complete list: Exit to Character Selection Use Portal Scroll Send Trade Messages Quit

Path of Exile: PoE Bot free while in Beta

I came across a bot which is sold by a Chinese company who also has a D3 bot. The significance of having a D3 bot out of China, is they can’t be forced to shut down due to Blizzard pestering

Path of Exile: Beginner Farming Guide

In Path of Exile, once you level up, or even while you are leveling, you are going to want to farm better gears. This guide will teach you what you need to know to start farming more efficiently. If you

Path of Exile: Rare Exalted items for less

There’s only a one in 500 chance that you will get an extremely rare Exalted item with this method. But that chance might be well worth it for some. Especially considering the amount of items we drop on a regular

Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level

In Path of Exile, each map has a fixed monster level which you can see on the top right corner of the screen when you press Tab. The monster level in the map you are playing, sets many things including

PoE: Maximize your Revenue Exchange

There are many Path of Exile recipes. Some are awesome, most are not. However, there are a few which are easy and often produce more valuable currency. I don’t have a huge stash of items in multiple tabs. IMHO it’s

PoE: 10 Pro Leveling Tips

If you haven’t heard, tomorrow – October 23, 2013, Path of Exile will officially be released. It will go from Beta, to Gold and have some added features added to the game (read notes). Now I have looked around, and

Path of Exile: Dread Thicket Chest Farming with MapHack

You know those maps, where you just know by the shape of them, whether they will have a chest or not? This is the configuration for Dread Thicket, knowing which one has the chest, which does not. The only thing

Path of Exile: Exiled Bot – Free while in Alpha

Exiled Bot is a bot for the game Path of Exile developed in c++. The plan for this bot, is to do any stuff an advanced bot can do such as: Zone cleaning, custom pickit, skills configuration, custom delays, gambling,

Path of Exile: Maphack Cheat Table for Cheat Engine

This cheat table acts as a game hack for Path of Exile with Cheat Engine. It has the 3 most popular game hacks in the game including Fullbright (no too dark areas), zoom hack (allows you to zoom all the

Path of Exile: Are Unique’s Too Powerful?

Kripp goes into explain his point of view on whether or not Uniques are way too powerful for Path of Exile or not, in this video guide.

Path of Exile: How to level Super Fast

Leveling fast requires you knowing what your Path of Exile End Game Build should be. However lets allow Kripp to tell you how it’s done, so that you can level like a pro.


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