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Noob vs Pro Agar.io Video

I have been playing a while now but when I came across this Noob vs Pro Agar.io Video, and was using it to show a friend who plays Battlefield 1, the ultimate PVP game imho, I realized I should also share

StarCraft 2 player issued US visa as Pro Athlete from Korea

StarCraft 2 player recognized as Pro Athlete by USA South Korea's Dong-hwan "Violet" Kim has earned around $100,000 playing Starcraft 2 tournaments. Now, he can finally travel to and from the US, to obtain even more wealth as a foreign born Korean

DOTA 2: Play Like a Pro Comprehensive Guide

If you read and follow this guide, we’ll transform you to a competitive player and assure dramatic improvement after executing these simple lessons grouped into 5 chapters which I’ve specially prepared and carefully selected! These 5 chapters are as follows.

D3 Pro Speed Leveling Tip: Buy Higher Level Weapons

Even professional power-levelers have their secrets on leveling, and we at mmogoldsales.com are no different. By hand we can level 1-60 in 24 hours played time, and this is done with no cheats. Today I am going to share another

Guide: 10 Pro Texas Hold’Em Poker Tips

While I am not a master at poker like my spouse, I have learned a few things from watching her, which in turn will help you. Here is a small list of tips which could help you to win more

SC2: Pro Starcraft 2 Secret for Zerg players

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret that every Pro StarCraft 2 players knows and has rarely been talked about. That is that none of them started out being a pro StarCraft 2 player. Most of

Starcraft 2: How to Study your Losses, to Win More

Ever lost a really intense game of Starcraft 2? Of course you have! We all have... Even the Pros that place first in the biggest tournaments lose at least 25% of the games they play.

Starcraft 2: The Secret To High APM & Pro Level Play

Today I want to share a little secret with you that the pros use every day to win games like crazy. If you didn't already know, APM stands for Actions Per Minute. It's basically how many things you do in a

Starcraft 2: Epic Terran vs Terran Matchup, Constant Action & Great Strategies

This is a truly epic battle between two Pro Terran players. This game just goes on and on and has so much action I had to do a post on it. The players are Morrow and Select and it's casted

Starcraft 2: Counter like the Pros, SC2 Counter Strategies

Knowing your opponent(s) strategy is a vital part of any game, whether it be online or not. The same rules apply to Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 pros, aren't pros because of their apm. They are pros because they know how