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wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm | WoW

wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm are a couple plugins for the WoW Bot called wRobot (click here) which will not just server hop automatically, but also mine and herb for you and does so much faster than doing it

Path of Exile: PoE Bot free while in Beta

I came across a bot which is sold by a Chinese company who also has a D3 bot. The significance of having a D3 bot out of China, is they can't be forced to shut down due to Blizzard pestering

MW3: XBox Controller for Windows PC – xPadder custom profile

MW3 doesn't have native support for the XBox controller on the PC, so instead, we can use xPadder. xPadder is a simulation program which allows the xBox controller to be used on a Windows based PC. Supports Windows XP, Vista

Anonprofiles Update: Now With WoW-Heroes & InGame GearScores

We have updated the AnonProfiles.com profiles to now include GearScores to both WoW-Heroes and the InGame scores, for those of you who wish to see both of them, and get a clearer idea of what they are. We realize some

Help Debug site!

Hey all, I am building an anonymous profile site (currently for WoW only), and am hoping you can help me to debug it.  I have already sent a list of bugs and revisions to my programmer, but I realize maybe