1000 Bloody Coins hourly – World of Warcraft

It's easy to farm 1000 Bloody Coins hourly, if you have 2 accounts. 1000 Bloody Coins hourlyWhile there are other methods to farm bloody coins, this method will focus on how to do it with 2 accounts - one Horde level 90, one Alliance level 90. Continue reading "1000 Bloody Coins hourly – World of Warcraft"

Bugged Weapons – WoW PVP

If you manage to find one of the many Bugged Weapons available, and are able to find a killer use for it in WoW PVP, then you're destined for greatness. Here are 5 Bugged Weapons, to get you started in helping you dominate in WoW PVP - and how to best use them for the recommended classes. Continue reading "Bugged Weapons – WoW PVP"

Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat – WoW

It's come to light that there is an Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat. It ONLY works for ranged attackers. So any melee type build won't be able to use this cheat. Apply the buff (as listed below) and farm without receiving the Fire-Watcher's debuff. Continue reading "Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat – WoW"

Fake Achievements – WoW

Fake AchievementsThere is only one reason for which you would need to be able to show Fake Achievements, that we have come up with - but it's a fair one. Imagine being really good with your character. Having an OP Build, the right skill macros, and even optimized high ilvl equipment, but missing one thing to get into a PVP or PVE group - the right achievements. No longer! Continue reading "Fake Achievements – WoW"

Siege Weapon Duping – ESO

ESO Siege Weapon DupingIt appears that ESO Siege Weapon Duping is now possible on the XBox version of Elder Scrolls Online. We have posted the exact steps, but I don't think it can be duplicated on the PS4 or PC versions of ESO as well (you're welcome to try however). How do you know that the Siege Weapon Duping effect has occurred? If you do this correctly, then you won't be able to pick the item back up and place it in your inventory. You will also not be missing the Siege Weapon from your inventory, which means that you did in fact cause Siege Weapon Duping. Continue reading "Siege Weapon Duping – ESO"

Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks

I decided to share my Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks and made a guide for those who want to go through the whole battleground experience knowing what you're getting yourself into without making easy mistakes. Of course this includes my personal opinions and might not fit to everyone else's. Continue reading "Wildstar PVP Tips & Tricks"

Up-Down Z Porter – WoW

The Up-Down Z Porter, will not only tell you your location in the world with coordinates, included in XYZ format, but it will also allow you to (on 32 bit WoW - sorry, not for use on Win 8+), teleport up or down. As long as you don't move, this can be a pretty strong advantage both with PVP and exploration. Continue reading "Up-Down Z Porter – WoW"

ESO PVP Guide PDF Download

ESO PVP GuideThe new ESO PVP Guide for Elder Scrolls online. We cover Siege Weapons, Skill Lines, Spell Rotations, Alliance Points, Advanced PVP Builds, PVP Skills, and more.

This ESO PVP Guide was originally written and released about 1 year ago, and then when the game was released on XBoxOne and PS4, the guide was updated. This happened another few months ago. When this happened, a strange thing happened. People started coming here, requesting the ESO guides again, realizing they could save $70, just getting them here... but lo and behold, all the links were removed. Have no fear, we are reposting the updated guides, for all our VIP members to more secure locations, which shouldn't disappear with lack of downloads. Continue reading "ESO PVP Guide PDF Download"

PVP Frostbolts for Any Class – WoW

PVP Frostbolts for Any ClassPVP Frostbolts for Any Class is a rare find. If you aren't sure what the properties of Frostbolts are, let me explain. They cause damage, and they slow your target. To use this in PVP means that your enemy can utilize an anti-crowd control item, a trinket or skill. When they do this, then you've taken away one of their abilities for a time, to get out of your combat range. Most PVPers will have at least 2 anti-cc items. Continue reading "PVP Frostbolts for Any Class – WoW"

Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick – WoW

The Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick also works on the Gurubashi Arena in STV! Every 3 hours there is a pvp event for a chest that you can loot. The first 12 times you loot the chest, you aren't going to get anything too special. But on the 13th time, you will get an Heirloom Trinket. You will also get an Achievement. Continue reading "Darkmoon Deathmatch Win Easy trick – WoW"

Dual Wield OP DPS Sorcerer Build – ESO

Dual Wield OP DPS Sorcerer Build - ESOI would like to say that the Dual Wield OP DPS Sorcerer Build for Elder Scrolls online, is a tank... but it's not. It's what's referred to as a Glass Cannon. This means that it can pack one hell of a punch, but can't actually take one very well. Not only are we going to showcase this Dual Wield OP DPS Sorcerer Build, but also show a couple videos, including how you should play it in PVP and PVE. Continue reading "Dual Wield OP DPS Sorcerer Build – ESO"

ESO Leveling Guide – Re-Upload

ESO Leveling Guide - Re-UploadSo I found out a few days ago, that the ESO Leveling Guide and each of the other ESO guides we had, were no longer able to be downloaded. Time to re-upload *sigh*. In this case however, I am making the links only available on the VIP forums, which means you're going to need to be a member to download each of the guides.

So far, I have re-uploaded the ESO Leveling Guide, ESO Crafting Guide and the ESO Gold Guide. I am placing them on a seperate page, in the same location, to make them easier to find. Keep reading to learn more about what is in the ESO Leveling Guide, and where to download it. Continue reading "ESO Leveling Guide – Re-Upload"

Farm 150k Daily PVPing – ESO

Would you like to Farm 150k Daily PVPing? If you're a hadrcore PVP player, or maybe even a casual PVPer then this might be the easiest way to make ESO Gold for you.

We're going to share with you a PVPers dream gold making strategy today. The simple requirement being that you need to like to PVP and can get to Cyrodiil. This method is pretty easy and simple, you will be farming Alliance Points in Cyrodiil so you can use your Alliance Points to buy items you will then sell for tons of gold to other players, who don't want to spend all day farming these items. Continue reading "Farm 150k Daily PVPing – ESO"

Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick

Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trickThe Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick will allow you - at low levels - to secure a pet with a powerful buff which increases it's health 11k. What this means, is that your pet will be nigh invincible in Battlegrounds - again, at low levels. Unfortunately, this is only for Horde, sorry Alliance, we don't know of a similar trick for you - yet! Continue reading "Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick"

PVP Emote Trolling – ESO

PVP Emote TrollingWhile this PVP Emote Trolling is intended for Trolling PVP Players, you might have a use for it besides PVP players (let us know). This PVP Emote Trolling trick, will allow you to do emotes while hidden. It will work for Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - XBox Edition, but I am not sure about the other consoles/computers. Continue reading "PVP Emote Trolling – ESO"

Prevent Stolen Tradepacks – Archeage Hauler Trick

Prevent Stolen TradepacksIf you're playing Archeage, and tired of being ganked for a tradepack, then here's a surprise for you. You can now Prevent Stolen Tradepacks with this trick. No more worrying if someone is going to gank you, no more worrying about losing your precious cargo right before you turn it in. Best of all, this works with Haulers full of Tradepacks... Continue reading "Prevent Stolen Tradepacks – Archeage Hauler Trick"

Jump Through Walls trick – WoW

Jump Through Walls trickThis Jump Through Walls trick, allows you to jump through some walls, with the help of an in-game item, which came courtesy of the 6.2 patch. You can use this item to get up on ledges and walls in dungeons which are a bit out of your normal jumping reach. Interestingly, it can also be used in raids and pvp - so you might be able to find a location that only you can get to, thus removing the threat of being backstabbed if you are a ranged DPS. Continue reading "Jump Through Walls trick – WoW"

Level 50 PVP Guide – Archeage

Level 50 PVPInstead of focusing on PVE, this Level 50 PVP guide is going to go into what you can do, in terms of gathering as much honor as possible, which ways are best for YOU, and then where to spend the honor. 

At level 50, you really only have a few choices on what to do. There is PVP, PVE, Gold Farming, or Crafting, but crafting and Gold Farming only goes so far. If you are planning on doing Level 50 PVP, then you should be gearing up before you hit level 50. Make sure you check out our Level 50 Quest Gear Guide to get you started. Continue reading "Level 50 PVP Guide – Archeage"

Understanding PVP ELO ranking system – Rift

Understanding PVP ELO ranking systemFor those who have played Dota 2, you are already familiar with understanding PVP ELO ranking system. While the rating distributions are not equivalent, the same principles apply here. This guide to understanding PVP ELO ranking system, should help you to undertstand what is needed for you to get higher ratings within the game, and the importance of setting and achieving various aspects within the PVP Warfronts. Continue reading "Understanding PVP ELO ranking system – Rift"

Lordaeron Arena Map trick – WoW

Lordaeron Arena Map trickIf you PvP in Arenas, then you are going to love this Lordaeron Arena Map trick. There is a secret spot on the map which will allow you to teleport within the map, which in turn allows you to kite your enemies or to trick them into separating from their fellows. The Ruins of Lordaeron is actually part of the Undercity and was first introduced way back in patch 2.1. You can find out more about this Lordaeron arena map, here. Continue reading "Lordaeron Arena Map trick – WoW"

Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost

Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage BoostTo do the Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage Boost, you need to understand one thing. You should never do this at low levels, because your pet can die with very little health, which causes your pet to be targeted. At high levels, with a cunning focused pet, this is a very powerful game breaking strategy for Arenas, Battlegrounds, & PVP (not to be confused with critter battles). Continue reading "Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost"