Aug 232012

Compiled by Chaose5

Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers however do not only play well in PvE, they are also extremely fierce in PvP battles, and have undeniably higher damage outputs compared to their ice counterparts. Continue reading »

Feb 052012

The following is a guide for high single target mage dps (although it contains Fire Storm which is great AOE). Like any guide, this is a good place to start, but you may need to change things based on your play style.  The method used in this guide is definitely NOT the 100% most effective (especially when it comes to the heatwave sequence).  There are several little things you can do that may or may not increase dps, but until they are proven they will be left out of this guide.  Continue reading »

Feb 252011

build by maxvla

This is a heavy pyromancer build with support from archon and dominator.  The spec has multiple cooldowns for burst periods or used in a rotation for better sustained damage. Continue reading »