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Blade and Soul Starter Guide

With this Blade and Soul Starter Guide, we're going to go over classes, races, crafting, gear, gold farming, basics to leveling, and some of the major changes to the game versus other traditional MMOs. This is not a stand-alone leveling guide,

Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter AK47 PVE build

This is a build put together after noticing my GWF wasn't exceeding the full potential of damage that my character was capable of. After doing so, I have been asked numerous times to post a build, so here goes. This

FFXIV – A Realm Reborn: Class, Race, & Job Video Guide

Learn about what is happening in the current beta with the changes to classes, races, and jobs. There are 5 races, 6 stats per race, 10 sub-races, 8 Classes, with 3 starting places, 9 super-classes which are a combination of

Elder Scrolls Online Factions & Races

Elder Scrolls Online is fast approaching, and this game more then any other is expected to be huge. This is in part because of the huge following it already has on PC and Console games alike. While little is actually

Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: The best race for your playstyle

Do you like to heal as well as cast firey balls down on your enemies? Do you prefer to go head-to-head in melee range to decimate an opponent while you shield bash him, stunning him so much he defecates? No matter

SC2: 2v2 Basics Guide Written by 2v2 Masters

written by guest writer Vogin 2v2 - The Basics from Masters It might sound blunt, but it's the truth - being a member of one of the Master's division is not as hard as it sounds. Take me, for example

WoW Cataclysm: Racial Worgen, Top Classes

written by Amy Carson What are the best classes for Worgen, the new World of Warcraft race for the Alliance? Depends on how much you like wolves in skirts, lol.

World of Warcraft: Match playstyle to your character’s professions

written by Spitt of mmoexploiters I was talking to an associate, who asked me which professions, would be good for his mage. Now, I played WoW, for about 5 years, and really thought I knew this already. But we got

Final Fantasy XIV: Guide Gladiator/Thaumaturge Build

written by INikocles, Information by FFXIVCore Forum Members, Contributors Listed at Bottom Hey fellow swordsmen, I'm here to to tell you about the ever popular Gladiator build that incorporates mainly Thaumaturge magics. I've been playing XIV since Open Beta, and

Starcraft 2: Why to stick with one race

Written by Taerix Playing with all three races can be lots of fun and very useful way to learn the units, tech trees, and abilities of each race. But if you really want to climb up the Battle.net ladder and

StarCraft 2: Win Rate Analysis; Future Patch Hints

Dustin Browder, Lead Designer of StarCraft 2, has posted a lengthy and interesting article detailing StarCraft 2′s race usage and win percentages as well as gameplay balancing plans for the next patch. For the Zerg race, the present looks grim (but

Asheron’s Call: Recent Changes, New Playable Races, more

With Turbine recently being bought out by Warner Brothers you would think that, besides making LOTRO free2play, they would set their sight on also making Asheron's Call free2play.  Alas, it is not so.  It seems instead that they have chosen