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Limited Spawn Raid Glitch – Destiny 2

The Limited Spawn Raid Glitch prevents mobs from spawning repeatedly in the Leviathan Raid. This in turn makes completing raids extremely easy as you won't have as many adds spawn in fights. You will however have to do this glitch prior

FFXV Endgame Dungeon Raids Guide

If you've been finding locked doors within dungeons, this is the FFXV Endgame Dungeon Raids. It means you need to pass Chapter 15. To access any of these locked doors, you need to get a dungeon key. Unfortunately, you need to

Solo The Lost Army Quest – WoW trick

This might come as a shock, but there is a WoW trick to Solo The Lost Army quest. You don't actually need to complete The Lost Army quest in the manner that is suggested and since this is a full

WoW Tokens Gold Guide – Play for Free

Instead of focusing on accumulating more wealth in World of Warcraft, we decided to focus on the easiest and fastest way to buy WoW Tokens - which can be traded for game time. In order to buy WoW Tokens, it

Jump Through Walls trick – WoW

Jump Through Walls trick

This Jump Through Walls trick, allows you to jump through some walls, with the help of an in-game item, which came courtesy of the 6.2 patch. You can use this item to get up on ledges and walls in dungeons which

First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick

First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick

The First Raid Wave Superior DPS trick for WoW, will allow you to build up your attacks, so that you have embers, rage, icicles, orbs etc, stacked and procs ready for your first foray into a dungeon or raid.

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick – WoW

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick

The Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick, will allow you to bypass the debuff, thus allowing you to use a Goblin Glider to move where you wouldn't normally be able to. The Goblin Hot Potato from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is like any other

Gamers Internet Troubleshooting

You're sitting at your computer, it's Thursday night, and you're thinking to yourself you've got 30 minutes until tonight's raid gets started. It's time to login and start playing your favorite online game. You turn on the computer, run through

Tera Online Going Free-2-Play, read about the changes!

If you haven't played Tera Online in a while, then you might be surprised to hear that Tera is going Free-2-Play as of Feb 5th, 2013 (today). But everything is not going to be a bed of roses. Instead, watch

WoW: Bypass the ilvl Requirement in Looking for Raid queue

Let's say you just hit 90 and want to do LFR but don't have the ilvl required to get in. This will allow you to bypass the systems which forces you to either not be able to queue, or even

Waiting for a Raid-dungeon there’s always that one annoying guy

You know the one I am talking about, the one which jumps around, and around, and around. He's the one who thinks it's cool to jump over people, through people, and around people. He's the one who pulls the mobs

Rift: Storm Legion Information Sheet

Everything you need to know right now, to start exploring the new Rift Expansion, Storm Legion. We teach you about how to get to the new zones, which maps to level on, how to get to Tembest Bay (TB), 7

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Healing Build

On my Cleric Healing build, I have an instant cast Damage over Time (DoT), which I like to tap each of the mobs we are fighting with. This allows me not only to heal, but to contribute in ways of

SWTOR: Video Series – How to be a better raider

FubsyGamr has started a new YouTube series, where he runs through each flashpoint (aka instance), and talk about raiding, PUGs, and how to play your role in the game. Also talks about keybinds in the first video, which is a very

WoW: Looking For Raid (LFR) Boss Loot Exploit

So the rule is normally you cant get more loot, more than once if you do a Looking for Raid. However with this cheat, you will be able to loot the bosses even when you get a message stating you

WoW: Patch Notes for 4.3

These are the current patch notes for WoW 4.3 as of time of this post.  General New Dungeon & Raid Content End Time is now available for testing. Your participation and feedback here is appreciated. Hour of Twilight is now available for

WoW Crusher: Honest Review – Should you buy it?

Faid, from Nerf Faids has done a review of WoW Crusher and it's WoW Guide for PvE, PvP, mounts, items, gear, and specs.  One thing I want to point out is that while the info is copied, it's also compiled

Rift: Complete Mage guide to Raiding

This is an introduction to raiding in Rift for mages. This should get someone who is completely new to raiding in Rift a good idea of what to expect as you go into your first raid. This guide is written

Lotro Wound Wing Map

A quick fyi for the raiding kinnies.... Since much of the time in doing OD is explaining things to the first timers and since few kins can have the same 12 on every time they want to do OD, seems

WoW: Preparing for 4.2 New Crafting Patterns, Recipies, Schematics

While skimming through the forums, I saw a blue post saying patch 4.2 would bring new raid recipes. I instantly thought it's time to start preparing. So how do we prepare? This short guide will tell you exactly what you

Rift: Full Tier 1 or 2, in hours from Realm of the Fae expert

This is an Realm of the Fae expert mode exploit, which will allow you to gain a full set of Tier 1 or Tier 2 set of armor in a matter of hours, not days or even weeks. You will need