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Daily Mount Kills Drop List – WoW

There are several mobs which should be encapsulated in a Daily Mount Kills Drop List. This list, will provide you with various mobs which you should hunt down and kill on each of your characters. They have the potential to drop rare

Recover Lost Pets from Banned Accounts

Have you ever wondered how to Recover Lost Pets from Banned Accounts? It's a really simple method, which will allow you to regain some of those long lost pets on an elder banned account. If you had any rares which are

Bot Rare Mounts Safely – WoW

It is possible to Bot Rare Mounts Safely, so that your account doesn't receive a ban, but you will have to use this specific method. First off, you're going to need to use a botting software, and there are several which

Hellfire Rare Farming Guide

Hellfire Rare Farming can be a daunting task, unless you use this guide, which will make farming the Champions of Hellfire Citadel mobs more effective. The Champions of Hellfire Citadel are 4 rare elite mobs, which need to be hunted down, thus

WoW: Every Obtainable Mounts and where to get them

If you have ever wanted to know where to obtain a specific mount, then this is the ultimate guide for you. It will teach you where to get each and every mount available within the game, including those you can

Rift: River of Souls 1.1 update coming soon

Trion has announced, that a new event will be coming along with patch 1.1, called River of Souls. This will be a mass endless invasion of undead rifts unleashed upon Telara. Best of all, as an incentive to play this