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Special Offer ending soon If you donate with PayPal (accepts credit cards) to help cover my expenses since my accident I will help you out in return.  Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed on this

Access All VIP Content

It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Better PVP Incubators – Jurasic World Alive

The knowledge of gaining Better PVP Incubators, comes from battling enemies; both winning and losing. I can raise and lower my PVP prowess level by switching in my higher level or my lower level dinosaur teams. But to gain higher

Fortnite OP Drum Gun Fact Sheet

One of the most interesting changes to the July 3rd patch by the Epic Games Devs, is the addition of the new Fortnite OP Drum Gun. It comes at the end of Fortnite's Season 4,  right as there's been a few

How to kill people who are camping mobs, on a flying Mount

If there is someone camping a  location for a rare spawn, and they are level 95 or higher while flying, you can use this item to dismount them, causing them to fall to their death. This works great for Time

Path of Exile: Rare Exalted items for less

There’s only a one in 500 chance that you will get an extremely rare Exalted item with this method. But that chance might be well worth it for some. Especially considering the amount of items we drop on a regular

WoW: Pandaria Secrets Seeker Macro with Waypoint Arrow

This in-game macro will lead you to EVERY rare spawn, FLAG objects and BoA blues throughout Pandaria. It uses TomTom and Paste to find each secret via waypoint.

WoW: Raid Exploit – How to take down Garalon the Easy way

We all know the Garalon fight.. or at least I hope so, as this might be hard to follow otherwise. This will allow you to bypass the Pheromones portion of the fight, with the help of a monk.

DDO: Protect precious items from breaking

Nobody likes it when a fragile item breaks. Worse is when those fragile items are expensive or rare to replace. Use this DDO trick to save the items from breaking. This is perfect for precious +stat tomes or major mana

WoW: Kill Nal’Lak the Ripper quickly trick

Nal'lak the Ripper, a Mantid rare, can be found in Valley of the Four Winds, and can be difficult to solo due to it's 3 hard to counter spell abilities and it's higher health. However there is a trick to

Rift: Rare mob finder macros

On the following 2 pages is a compiled list for you to make macros and assign then to buttons so you can easily target rare mobs all over Telara's world. Name each macro / button to something like "free_rare", "Silver_Rare",

Diablo 3: How much will Legendary Items Sell for?

A forum post has popped up, concerning the opening prices for Level 60 Legendaries during the early stages of the games release. As with any new Market/Economy, the prices are usually unstable, inaccurate and erratic. It is a knee-jerk economy, where peoples

Diablo 3: Warning – Don’t horde Rare or Legendary items

It's come to our attention that Rare and Legendary items are common. These items which should be extremely valuable, are dropping off of mobs like crazy, causing the gold auction house to become flooded with these babies. What's this mean

Rift: Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity

Have you seen this? Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity You get one of these babies when you hit 300 artifact collections turned in. Amazingly (no pun intended), this basically drops a little blue artifact down on the ground that

Rift: Rare Mobs Macro

This is a simple script which you can use on the ingame macro system which will allow you to simple press a single button to find nearby rare mobs. For maps and locations of the rare mobs, click here.

Rift: Server Transfers are Live – Your server’s dying… now what?

With the server you were on (like my old one) dying from all the people transferring off, this has opened up a couple opportunities. First off - DON"T LEAVE the dying server. You actually should leave with all your alts,

World of Warcraft: Undermine Journal Snatch List

written by Sterling Erorus just implemented an import/export feature over at The Undermine Journal. Here's a snazzy snatch list. It consists of Sunwell rares, and a handful of very rare and/or valuable recipes. It's not the end-all snatch list, but it

World of Warcraft: Rare Cataclysm Pets

Cataclysm Rare and Rare Elite Monsters (with the help of Simca) In Cataclysm, there are the standard rare spawns like there have always been. They drop blues and some additional gold and there are quite a few in every zone. However,