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Max Tabard Reputations Easily – WoW

Imagine if it were possible to Max Tabard Reputations Easily and quickly in World of Warcraft. It is, and it takes a little bit of patience with any tabard which you can gain reputation by killing or running dungeons. However does

WoW Anniversary 13% Rep Token Trick

This WoW Anniversary 13% Rep Token Trick, will allow you to grind reputation with the bonus Rep Token for Blizzard's 13 year anniversary any time you want. Mind you, it's only an hour long buff, but being well prepped to farm

Warsong Gulch Rep Farming Trick

This Warsong Gulch Rep Farming Trick is fairly straight forward, and isn't really considered a cheat. However if you don't already know it, then this will help you farm Warsong Gulch Reputation very quickly this week - but don't worry, it's a

Talons Vengeance Exalted 1 Hour – WoW Cheat

I found a way to get Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 Hour. I have been experimenting a lot lately, due to some issues I have been having in World of Warcraft. I am not sure why this happened this way,

WoW Legion End Game Guide

Congratulations you've reached the WoW Legion End Game! You've conquered the new zones in World of Warcraft: Legion! Now what? A common problem for new players in any MMORPG is that they often feel directionless upon hitting the max level. So now,

eBay Reputation Farming

Someone asked me the other day on how to do easy eBay Reputation Farming. The first thing that came to mind, was why ask about this? As it turns out, the person wanted to have access to some advanced selling

Easy Guild Rep Guide – World of Warcraft

Easy Guild Rep is really shortsighted in title. Really it's the super easy, even your younger brother could grind guild rep fast kind of thing. We do the Easy Guild Rep, with a simple quest.  Note: This Easy Guild Rep method, is

Medallion of the Legion reputation trick – WoW

It's possible to farm Medallion of the Legion for all of your characters, even low level ones, using this trick. Now the nice thing about it, is that it increases your reputation for each of the following factions, all at the

Fast Saberstalkers Rep – WoW

Fast Saberstalkers Rep - WoW

There is a way to gain super Fast Saberstalkers Rep in World of Warcraft. It's due to a really fast respawn rate, which in turn allows you to gain 15k-20k rep per hour. Saberstalkers is a new faction which was added

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep Easy

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep

Scale of the Sands Exhalted Rep can be achieved with a little trick which will allow you to respawn a set of mobs which give 12 rep each in the Scale of Sands faction. This  trick is useful not only for rep,

Full Honor Gear FAST – WoW

How do you gain Full Honor Gear FAST? With a trick which allows you to farm Battleground honor in Ashran. There is no botting for this method, no pvp for that matter, simply using knowledge and a bit of a trick.

Neutral to Exalted Sha’tari Defense Rep 3 hours – WoW

Neutral to Exalted Sha'tari Defense Rep

It's now possible to go from Neutral to Exalted Sha'tari Defense Rep in 3 hours. Gaining Exalted Sha'tari Defense unlocks and opens the ability to purchase a rare mount, Armored Irontusk, companion; Sky Fry, and tabard; Sha'tari Defense, and follower; Vindicator Heluun. Overall, the gear is nothing

Easy Malgrave Rep – Wildstar

Easy Malgrave Rep

In order to get the Easy Malgrave Rep, you are going to need to do the r12 event. Once that's complete, then you are going to be on the look out for Elite mobs called "Subject ?". Of course this is

WoW: Reset Archaeological dig sites in Uldum fast exploit

This exploit, will allow you to reset your Archaeological dig sites in Uldum, for continuous farming. This only allows you to reset the Tol'vir digsites, but allows you farm your mount or Crawling Claw faster.

WoW: All MoP Reps to exhalted FAST cheat

While it's possible to do this fast, it's also either going to take you a lot of time to farm the item to get you there, or a lot of gold if you buy the item. Since the item is

WoW: Unlimited Rep and Loot in the Oculus

This exploit will allow you to repeatedly loot mobs, with near instant respawn in the WLK instance Oculus. You can do this in either expert or non-expert but should solo the instance. So figure on needing to bring your 85-90

D3: How to become Hated in Diablo 3 trick

I came upon this trick, with my Witch Doctor. Instead of going for massive damage, I have aimed at crowd control. This helps my party to no end if I am fighting with them as my enemies attack us less.

Tera: Fast Valsekyr Hunt Rep

Everyone knows you can farm Valsekyr Hunt rep by just killing mobs out here, and even bams. By far the quickest way I have found is killing

WoW: Speedy Rep Grinding – Azjol-Nerub

in Heroic AN (Azjol-Nerub) on the second boss I was attempting to do the normal exploit bug to bypass the first part of the fight. I accidentally died while attempting to shadowmeld. I had a paladin rez and after I

LOTRO: Loot, Tasks, & Fast 70-75 Leveling Experience cheat

This is one of my few personal finds, but it’s a doozey 🙂 This worked in so many ways for me: getting task items, silver, scholar items, large hides, reg xp, item exp, and reputation experience. For each “round” I was getting

LOTRO: Crafter Reputation Guide

Reputation can be quite the valuable asset for a crafter. Some factions will grant you reputation for your crafting efforts and many more will offer special recipes that cannot be obtained elsewhere in game. For each of the main professions