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WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster

If you're having some trouble leveling, then this WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn Monster will be a lifesaver. It can also be used to farm for gold, since you will be able to loot repeatedly, as fast as you can mow

InsaneRabbit S4 League Hack Tool

To use the InsaneRabbit S4 League Hack Tool first, you will need a working S4 League Bypass (posted earlier today for those who don't yet have one). You will also need the tool itself (posted below). It offers Godmode, Infinite Ammo,

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

When I talk about the way you can Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob, I am not talking about an instance mob, but you might be able to divine a way to do this with this method. It's fairly easy to

Neverwinter: Farm Quick Respawning mobs for loot, gold, exp

There is a quest right at the beginning of the game, where if you don't complete the objective, you can continuously destroy repeat spawning mobs, gaining loot, experience, and gold.  Use this spot to farm gold/loot or level up.

Guild Wars 2: GW2 Minion Finally Released

We hear complaints about bots like crazy. Everyone who plays has been complaining about them. The follow the same path over an over, and don't even look "human". One of them works so amazingly well, that it blows the competition

Diablo 3: Kill any Boss Mob over and over

This exploit will allow you to endlessly kill any boss, without having to restart a campaign. You can kill, loot, then force a respawn to do it all over again. Use this in beta, to endlessly kill the Lich King,

Rift: Ascended – Low Level Endless Spawn

For the Ascended, there is a low level spot good for levels 3-7 to level quickly. This spot is even better, as there is a NPC nearby which will help you to kill the endless mobs. To get the XP/Loot,

LOTRO: Bug – Respawn Nazguel

If you first defeat Nazguel, and then take the reward, when everyone leaves the room you can go back to the old chest and get the engraving. Then when you go back to the altar she will respawn.

Runes of Magic: Elite Mob Trick

It sucks when someone else has just killed the mob you wanted to kill.  Worse, when it's an elite, and you have to wait for it to respawn.  Here's a simple trick which will allow you to catch a break

Warhammer: Instant Respawn, level 40 mob

Near the top right corner of the Chaos Wastes map, there is a mob named "Templar Armand" standing under a tree. He will instantly respawn, right after you kill him. Perfect for macroing/botting. Note that while there are other mobs

Warhammer Online: Wolves Instant Respawn for loot and exp

User Submitted, all credit to original author If you goto PQ: Tor Sethai, there is a cave at the back.  In this cave, are wolves.  The wolves have a very fast respawn timer.  Good for loot and exp. If you are

WoW: Instant Respawn for cloth farming (wool)

There´s a Camp of Gnolls at 64,63. I used DnD with my Death Knight and they all died and the new Gnolls spawned there too.  I just had to put DnD every time I could and they died almost instantly. 

World of Warcraft: Leveling exploit 73-80

In Grizzly Hills, there is a quest where you have to escort Harrison Jones to safety. Before he runs to the exit, he enters a ceremonial chamber, frees some chicks and then a giant elite snake appears. Now, this snake

Fallen Earth: Instant Re-Spawn leveling exploit

In Odenville in a quest from Aaron Edgars there is a quest called zombies in hot pursuit. You must go into a cave, click a pile of rocks in the ground then the zombies come to take your bait.

World of Warcraft: Quick Respawn for XP, leveling 73-80, & gold.

Right after you kill the Bonescythe Ravager mobs that are stationed here, more will instantly respawn and either run toward you, or spawn right on top of you. For a class that can support this non-stop grinding, such as a

World of Warcraft: Instant Respawn for 730k XP an hour

In Zul'Drak the area called "Voltarus" in the western area of the zone has the big floating building with Drakuru inside it. At the very end of the chain you end up MCing his zombie blight things and fighting him