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Rift: 20 Extra Item Slots tip

This isn't an exploit, but it could save you a bit of money if you don't know about this trick already. It will gain you upto 20 additional slots for items in your carryable inventory. This in turn means you

Rift: Auction House Listing Tip

Are you having trouble listing items on the Auction House, even though you have more then enough supposed loyalty to list items? They say you need 1500 Loyalty. I ran into this problem, with my 130k loyalty. Couldn't list any

Rift: Storm Legion Information Sheet

Everything you need to know right now, to start exploring the new Rift Expansion, Storm Legion. We teach you about how to get to the new zones, which maps to level on, how to get to Tembest Bay (TB), 7

Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Now Live

Level 60 New land mass New dungeons New PvP map New Soul Trees Player Housing ... New bugs... builds... and login queues? Yup, login queues. I was sitting here stuck at the loading screen for the game, waiting to get

Rift: Play Rift Free from Nov 7 to Nov 11, 2012

As part of their Pre-Launch party, Trion is letting you comes back to Rift, see the changes that were made, play in their pre-release adventures, and get an all around feel for the game. If you played it when it

Rift: Saving XP for Storm Legion

Since this is the last reset before Storm Legion hits, I think it’s time to start thinking about saving up some dailies and weeklies so we can get a head start on our leveling speed. So what can we save

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Healing Build

On my Cleric Healing build, I have an instant cast Damage over Time (DoT), which I like to tap each of the mobs we are fighting with. This allows me not only to heal, but to contribute in ways of

Rift: Player Dimensions Explained (player housing upgrade)

First off, I finally got around to actually watching this, I have been a bit swamped to say the least. I want to give some kudos to the Rift Development team on what they have been doing with Rift, and

Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount

Rift: Taking Player Housing to a New Dimension

Here are the videos which will show you exactly why Rift's Player Housing  feature is so amazing. MMORPG.com even gives Rift rave reviews for it's ingenious take on giving the players what they want. To learn more about this new

Rift: Rogue Tank Build 44 Riftstalker, 22 Bladedancer, 0 Saboteur

Well, things have changed, to say the least. We now have 61 points and some new talents to play with. But really I am a bit miffed to have to re-engineer my Tank build. Instead of going with the build

Rift: Dual Wielding Quick Tip

If you are a rogue, or any other class which has the ability to wield 2 weapons, we highly suggest having a something like a dagger and mace, sword, or axe. This will allow you to place points in the

Rift: Storm Legion Beta Preview

*WARNING SPOILERS* This video was presented as a Live Stream last Friday, and previews the upcoming RIFT: Storm Legion expansion. Here you can see the changes which will be upcoming to the game.

Rift: 3 Faction PvP Now Live – Conquest PvP Event July 4-8

Maelforge and Laethys are dead, and with the Blood Storm on the run, the Ascended have splintered over philosophical differences. Three groups have risen among these mighty immortals, and their inter-dimensional war has come to a head in a battle

Rift: How to Kill a Healer in PvP

How do you kill a healer in Rift PvP? At the moment either put a healing debuff on them, or gang up on them with a few other players. People all through the Rift forums have been either calling for

Rift: Tank, Healer, DPS Builds

Rather then showing you my preferred build for everything, I have decided to share with you, a repository of builds, which you can use to look at, try, and dominate your server with.

Rift Giveaway: 60 day timecard for Rift US or Rift EU

I have a Rift 60 day time code and will be giving it away to 1 lucky winner! This is a contest, for a free 60 day timecard to Rift. Each VIP Member who replies, gets 4 entries. Purchase at least

Did you use Rift Junkies’ Combat Parser?

If you used Rift Junkies Combat Parser... REMOVE THE PARSER - Change your RIFT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY AND Scan your computer with Avast AntiVirus!!! As it happens, their combat parser installation program was full of trojans and key loggers. Many MANY