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Diablo 3: Official Announcement – Blizzard Closing the RMAH

I am guessing that profits are declining for Blizzard. They made their billions on the game, and now it's time to sell the crap out of it and make money off expansions, consoles releases, and maybe cash shops. Blizzard has

Diablo 3: 99% Discount on purchasing items off the AH

This allows you to buy auctions for bare minimum. However, this ONLY works on items which are listed as a group. IE gems, tome of secrets, etc. Will not work on auction style items (armor / weapons).

Path of Exile: Mod Max Attributes Values List

If you plan to get into this game to sell items for real money, then it's great to know what the maximum attribute values are on the items. Using this information, will allow you to determine if your item has

Path of Exile following in Diablo 3’s RMT footsteps?

RMT = Real Money Transaction, or the trading of virtual items for real life cash. I spoke with a mod in chat today, and asked about a trade post or auction house. The mod told me that they aren't really

Diablo 3: How to Shill Bid and it’s Consequences

Shill Bids are when someone tries to find out your maximum bid. They do this using an exploit in the proxy bid system. It's not foolproof, but will allow a seller with the help of a friend to raise your

Diablo 3: Auction House Bot – Auto Snipe

This D3 Auction bot is a C++ open source LUA scripted Diablo 3 auction house bot, which will allow you to compile it yourself as well as to make your own scripts to make it do what ever you want.

D3: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Echoing Fury sold for 7500 Euros

This Echoing Fury was recently sniped from the RMAH for 250 euro, and was then relisted to the highest bidder on d2jsp. http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=65489160&f=191 the seller is bursel#2432 (http://www.diabloprogress.com/item/19410870) The seller has gotten bids ranging from 3000 euro, 5000 euro, up

D3: Gold is Cheap, here’s how to keep making money

I tried to warn everyone I knew back when D3 was new, that the gold would hit the floor, then the basement floor, and finally it would be worth pretty much nothing eventually. For people who want to make money

Diablo 3: Buy and Sell gold for Real Money alternative method

Yesterday, we talked about selling WoW Twink items for real money, and the different ranges for the items. Maybe some of you used the guide, maybe some of you were looking for a way to make some money in a

World of Warcraft: Twink Items to Sell for Real Money

There are a ton of Twink items which will sell for a lot of gold, but there are also a few of them which can be sold for real life cash. These are items we recommend that you keep your

Diablo 3: Dead Man’s Legacy creation tips

Dead Man's Legacy is a weapon, that with a little bit of research, will allow us to make a bit of cash or D3 gold on, depending on where our market is. Let's get started with a quick and dirty

Diablo 3: Bypass SMS Authentication when listing on RMAH

If you don't have access to a cellular phone, and want to list items on the RMAH, you might have found yourself a little bit out of luck. However, there is a cheat which will allow you to bypass this

Diablo 3: Act 3 Inferno Farming with less then 5M invested

One of the smartest things you can do for improving your farming output (and thereby generating more wealth in the Diablo 3 RMAH and gold Auction Houses) is to get your character up to the point where you can reliably

Diablo 3: Gold Secrets Guide

This is the main portion of the guide, and has been recently updated since 1.05. This covers everything from fees, to playing the market, including what to watch for, "the math", values, and different strategies for playing the gold and

Scandal: Diablo Dev was a Gold Farmer!

“It started small” he says, hesitantly. We’ve been passing mail back and forward for months on the topic, but this is the first time he has been willing to sit down and discuss it with me. “We would joke in

Diablo 3: Money Management is Similar to Playing Poker

Anyone that plays Diablo 3 with any seriousness wants to make and hold onto as much gold as they can. If you think about it, building and managing your gold in Diablo 3 gold is much like playing poker.

D3: Manipulating the AH in your Favor

This trick will allow you to control the AH for a time, which in turn will allow you to buy/sell at a profit. It will take a bit of an investment and a bit of patience, however by it's nature

Diablo 3: Flipping Weapons for profit

I hate selling weapons. Mostly because it’s a super random market. There are lots of variables and the prices people put up seem more based on wishful thinking than the prices for regular gear. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve

D3: End Game Wizard Build and Strategy

Once you’ve reached Nightmare Mode and beyond, things can get rather nasty for a Wizard. Luckily, there’s a few builds and suggestions to help you out. We’re going to focus on one single build, which I’ve found to be amazing

Diablo 3: Making Gold by Playing the Auction House

The easiest and fastest way to make gold in the auction house has nothing to do with playing Diablo 3 but rather by playing the auction house. In this article I will be sharing the techniques I’ve used to make

Diablo 3 – Tool: RMAH Transaction Calculator

I came across a tool/calculator which will help you to adjust you sales price, based on how much profit you want to end up with when selling on the D3 RMAH. http://calc.d3-rmah.com/calc The only problem is, it doesn't take into