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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips – WoW

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips will guide you through each of the fights and what to do, based on your character class. No more guessing, or watching videos from a different class that has no bearing on the fight for you.

RAF Druid Leveling Exploit

Ok, this RAF Druid Leveling Exploit is only going to work, when you are multiboxing or leveling up with friends who are all druids. This might also work with a druid, but I haven't fully tested in with them. The key

Rogue Farm 75k Coins of Air Hourly

Here's a method to Rogue Farm 75k Coins of Air Hourly. Coins of Air are a currency unique to the LEGION expansion, which will allow you to buy cosmetic items and toys. They can only be farmed by Rogues, not any

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit 2x Damage – WoW Cheat

This new Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit will allow you to stay stealthed for about 20 seconds after your first attack, thus ensuring that all of your attacks will crit when attacking giving you Double Unblockable Damage. Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit In

Rogue Shadowstep Cheat

If you're looking for a little adventure, or perhaps some exploration, then you will find this Rogue Shadowstep Cheat for World of Warcraft is just up your alley. Have a friend (or yourself) drop this item in a hidden spot, perhaps

Working Rogue Exploits – WoW 6.2.4

There are a few Working Rogue Exploits for World of Warcraft which can be used in dungeons (PVE) and both Arenas and Battlegrounds (PVP). Some of these could be considered game-breaking, so caution is suggested, including now showing off to friends.

15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming – WoW

I have read that some people claim profits much higher with this 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming tip, but I am more realistic. Once people know about it, prices are going to drop, and instead of the 20k gold that these

Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot – WoW

This is a Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot, which uses a sendkey app. The goal of this app is to avoid the memory editing and just send keys to the wow binary. In this way, it is hoped to avoid detection by

Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Deck

  Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Deck  written by Simplexity Introduction I wanted to share a very strong deck a friend @ legend rank shared with me. I’ve used this deck primarily climb from Rank 12 to Rank 3. I’ve also kept

Arena Triple Damage Trick for World of Warcraft

Arena Triple Damage trick only proc's about 10%-18% of the time, but with a Haste potion you will proc a lot more often. Some people can get this trick to proc every other swing, and when you are in an Arena,

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue Stealth Executioner Build Guide

Stealth is such a wonderful mechanic as it gives us the ability to become undetectable to most, if not all monsters in PVE, as well as some players in PVP. This in turn increases our overall survivability and also allows

Hearthstone: Beta First Look

Yogscast takes a look at Hearthstone, Blizzard's new fun online card game has. It hit beta, so here's a little first look as Simon and Lewis fight a few epic battles! First up, long dead paladin Uther vs mysterious Valeera

WoW: Teleport with a Friend

Using this little known trick, it's possible to teleport with a friend, using the Rogue Shadowstep spell or the Warlock's Teleport spell. It might work with other similar types of spells, but it's unconfirmed and needs testing...

WoW: How to get Semi-Permanent Wings on Rogue

This trick will allow you to get wings on your rogue, which are semi-permanent. Being hit will remove the effect, but it seems thus far to be random on when this happens. I think it was intended and just a

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue T1 and T2 Armor Sets List

 This is all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 armor sets for the Trickster Rogue. We show you the stats and where each of the items for the sets drop.

Neverwinter: Perma-Stealth Rogue Build & Guide

This build is meant for PvP only, it focuses on Recovery Stats and Intelligence; INT being your primary Ability Score for CD reduction. With this combination you will have a high amount of Cool Down reduction for your skills "Shadow

Defiance: Perks List and Builds Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about every Ego power, ability, and suggested loadouts (builds) for each class. It will teach you a little more then any standard guide can teach you about the Ego system

WoW: Rogue PvP Survivability guide + 1-Shot Macro

When do you know which skills to use? That's the question that many people wonder, especially when they are up against someone who is about to put a world of hurt on you. We aim to answer these questions with

Neverwinter: Rogue Dungeon PvE DPS Build and Guide

This is going to be a guide on the correct way to play rogue PVE DPS in end game currently. You may disagree with some things here or there. I will try to address the main points that I expect

Neverwinter: Re-Stealth without waiting for recharge

This isn't really infinite stealth, the only feature it gives you is that you can stealth while your stealth bar is recharging which you couldn't before. It doesn't increase the recharge rate. However use of this game hack in PvP

Neverwinter: No fall damage trick

It's possible to avoid all fall damage on a rogue, with this little trick. Mind you, it might work for other classes, but we haven't tested it to verify yet. If it works in a similar manner, please let us