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Archeage Multihack – Fly, 5x Speed, No Fall Damage

This Archeage Multihack is working and undetected as of 10/13/17. It contains the following game hacks; Flying, 5x Speed, and No Fall Damage. While other game hacks are in the works, those are not available yet, and won't be mentioned at

100% Run Speed Boost to Shamans – WoW Cheat

This 100% Run Speed Boost to Shamans for World of Warcraft works in one of the areas of the new Legion expansion. Unfortunately it's only going to work while you're in Ghostwolf form, but this will equate to a 240% movement

WoW: 5x Run Speed exploit

It's now possible to use a cheat to increase your run speed to 520% of normal. Requirements are being able to goto Timeless Isle, kill elite mobs, being at least level 85, AND having a higher level friend on another

FFXIV: Bolter-XIV Teleport and Speed Hack

The Grey Hat in me couldn't resist, so here it is! I enjoyed the challenge of creating a teleporter and speed hack for FFXIV, as the position and speed architecture is entirely different from FFXI. So at the moment The

SWTOR: Multi-Hack – No Clip, No Gravity, Run speed, Teleport

This is simply a little hack, which will do the following things in SWTOR; anti-stun anti-slow noclip (walk through walls) teleport (warp to selected coords) zero gravity superfly Note: Remember to turn on No Clip AND No Gravity, before you