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Warhammer: RVR – Attack & Defend Keeps strategy guide

In Warhammer RvR, one of the things to do, is to attack or defend a keep. So here we present a basic overview of each along with some tips which should help you not to just survive, but to beat

Warhammer: General Open RvR Information

Written by Almar The first time you step foot into the Open RvR areas of Warhammer you're almost sure to be confused. Lets clear up as much confusion as possible for you in this guide. First up, a quick run

WAR: RvR – RVR – Defending Keeps strategy guide & tips

Defending Keeps Defending a keep is rather simple. Defending a keep will take significantly less players then attacking a Keep would. Actually if you had a good Bright Wizard and Warrior Priest you could easily hold off a whole attack

Warhammer Online: Order RvR Trick – Interrupt spells every 5 seconds

Original Exploit! Volrath submitted this for VIP access, all credit to him for this post. When combating in RvR, there is nothing more powerful as being able to interrupt your enemy's casting, or attacks, when a particularly vicious attack will

Warhammer Online: Ultimate Guide Pack

If you have been playing Warhammer for a while now, and looking for that leg up on the competition, then this is the pack for you. You will find leveling, gold, RvR and more guides in this pack.