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Overwatch Aimbot Scam

Hey there, I am just throwing up a little warning about a Overwatch Aimbot Scam. The way that this is a scam, is that they invite people to their forums, and then offer them lifetime access  - for a fee of

[WARNING] Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM

There is a new Blizzard World of Warcraft SCAM going around which allows certain individuals to appear to be legit sources and then attempt to gain your login information for World of Warcraft - with a phone call. WARNING: Blizzard World

MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam Revealed

I think of all the bull$hit out there for MyVegas, the MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam is probably the best. They claim, that you will get to use various cheat codes within the game, and all you need to do is perform

iYogi Scam Alert, Removal, Restore

iYogi Scam Alert

I had a really fun day today, which is why I am bringing you this iYogi Scam Alert. Ok, when I say fun, I mean it sarcastically. It wasn't fun, between knowing that my mom can fall for phishing as

Scammer Alert: ArenaCarry.com & BoostingElo.com

DO NOT BUY FROM ArenaCarry.com AND BoostingELO.com! They are known scammers who will attempt to get you to send them money via Western Union. Once you place your order, they will give you a time table, and then blame a

Scam: How to sell gold, without losing it

I am not much into scams, but if you're buying from a private party, you should know these things, so you don't get scammed by the person. Generally speaking, buying from most websites is safe, though of course that's not

WoW: The Scam of Buying time from a RAF account

So if you Refer-a-Friend, and they purchase a subscription and add full keys to the account, then you in turn get 30 days of play time. Perhaps you've heard of this? People sell the 30 days worth of time, and

Facebook: Scammer Central

As of April 2013, the world’s largest social network Facebook boasts more than one billion users – an impressive number considering there are 7 billion people on the planet. Unfortunately, the more people that connect to a centralized platform, the

WoW: Mailbox COD Scam

This does not work everytime, but if you are lucky, it can work a few times for you. If it does work... you might get the gold AND the items back in the mail. There is a simple trick to

Battle.net Name Changes – Are they Real?

Yes, Battle.net name changes are real. However, while there are real ones, there are also plenty of scammers. Why are there scammers? Well it's high priced for one. The average price of the services costs $299-$499.  The best example of

WoW: You’ve just been scammed, what do you do?

Well, one way to get things settled after you have been scammed, is to write a petition to a GM. You write the time, the day, what you said, what they said, what happened, what you lost... and then a

D3: Manipulating the AH in your Favor

This trick will allow you to control the AH for a time, which in turn will allow you to buy/sell at a profit. It will take a bit of an investment and a bit of patience, however by it's nature

GW2: Making Gold with the TP method – works on most games

Once in a while I see one of these guides pop-up for a different item on making some money, and people seem astonished that it works so well. Basically the concept is buy low, and sell high, but use the

SWTOR – WARNING – Do NOT use AresBot for PvP on free days!

While the owner might think he is doing you a solid, letting you try out AresBot for free once a week, it's actually a trap, which could cause an account ban. First off, understand that AresBot is a pixelbot. It

SWTOR: Is EA Bioware scamming people of their money?

I recently read a post at another blog, describing an annoying situation. It seems that Bioware is forcing people to put in their Credit Cards, in order to play their free month of game time. Now really this isn't scamming,

SCAMMER ALERT – Trading or Buying Accounts Diablo 3 & SWTOR

If you like to be the first in the games, and you are in the mood to buy either of these games in beta, please be warned: With the Diablo 3 Sandbox being out, scammers are using this as proof

Diablo 3: Real Money Auction House (D3 RMAH) Scam

Yup, someone figured out a scam already. Really, I don't see a way that Blizzard could fix, nor enforce it, to stop the scammers, without a change in the system. And while none of you, my beloved readers and subscribers

Diablo 3 FAQ

Hopefully we will get more people asking other questions, which we can add to this FAQ, but for now, this is what we have. If you have a question, ask in the comments and we will try to find an

Rift: Scam Alert – Rift Gatherer

Everybody hates scammers... well except for the scammers themselves. It's been 2-3 weeks since Rift Gatherer has worked, and yet the owner is still taking in "donations" for his Pro version. So do yourself a favor and avoid this program.

EVE: Courier Scams – What to watch out for… or try

Courier Scams This is a pretty hard topic to address.  I am not sure if this should be a warning or how to guide, but knowing eve players... This will be a how to guide. The point of these is