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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Cryolator Early Trick

Today, we're going to show you how to get the Cryolator Early Trick. According to Wikia the Cryolator, which is essentially a freeze/sleep gun, can only be granted via Master Level Lockpicking. That's not entirely true, and we're going to share with

Hidden Treasure in Concord – Fallout 4

You might have missed the Hidden Treasure in Concord. We find the treasure right after we take down the first Deathclaw. In fact you probably already visited Concord, if you're following the main questline - which most people do. Concord is

Secret Developer Room – Fallout 4

Have you heard about the Secret Developer Room in Fallout 4? It's the ultimate room which has anything you could ask for in Fallout 4... well ask for once, anyways. The Secret Developer Room contains one of each weapon, all of the

WoW: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

  Buy Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide Members can try before they buy...

Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret

Tom Riddle is gonna kill me for posting this, I am sure. You see, he researches most of the games I post tips and tricks for. Anyways, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out Facebook's Battle

King.com make Jewels twice as fast tip

If you play games over at King.com (which is better then their Facebook version since you can play constantly), then I want to share a secret with you, which will allow you to earn jewels faster. I'm not talking about

Rift: Defiant – Touched by the Rain quest secret – no more waiting

I am probably going to regret telling you this secret, but at no time, do I ever have to run around looking for a soaked villager, dripping villager, and dampened villager to reveal and kill. As it turns out, there is

SC2: Pro Starcraft 2 Secret for Zerg players

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret that every Pro StarCraft 2 players knows and has rarely been talked about. That is that none of them started out being a pro StarCraft 2 player. Most of

World of Tanks: Tank Counting Secret Strategy

I have this little secret that I use, to tell me how I should fight. Should I rush? Should I wait for the enemy to come to me? Should I retreat? Should I try to flank an enemy? These are

Rift: Puzzle of the Mysterious Plaques Secret Revealed!

In an earlier post, we mentioned these mysterious plaques, and that we couldn't figure out what they were for, other then they transport you randomly around towers. Well, it turns out, it isn't so random, and that it's actually a

Evony: Chat Hack

This isn't really a hack, and it's an old trick. It simply allows you to pretend to be someone else in chat, by exceeding the end of the line in chat, and then writing their name, as though it were

Blizzcon 2010 Starcraft 2 Secrets of the Masters

If you missed the starcraft 2 "Secrets of the Masters" session, from Blizzcon 2010, here are the videos for it. They gave some great info and strategies for those of you who are willing to learn more about the game.

Starcraft 2: Hidden Proxy Pylons for Protoss

The most important part of almost every Protoss Strategy is the ability to build proxy buildings and warping in units near your Pylons. Let’s take a look why this give you a nice advantage:  You may warp in Gateways everywhere without

Starcraft Broodwar: How to Open the Secret Level

written by N. Chang Want to find the secret Protoss mission hidden in the Zerg campaign? Getting to it is a challenge, for sure, but if you can pull it off, the secret level contains information that die-hard StarCraft fans

Starcraft 2: Unlock Secret Mission – Piercing the Shroud

After, you complete this hidden mission in Starcraft II, you will have the secret mission, Piercing the Shroud, available for selection from the Star Map. To unlock the secret mission, on the "Media Blitz" mission, where you get to control

Starcraft 2: Nova in the Armory

After completing the ghost mission, the famous "Nova" from the canceled Starcraft Ghost project can be seen in your armory!

Starcraft 2 Easter Egg: Tauren Space Marine

In the Zero Hour campaign mission blizzard added a secret Easter egg. A Tauren Space Marine. Check out these two videos to get the exact way to find this guy. Here is a closer look at what the space main

Aion: Manipulate the economy in your favor

This is the general information every guide you purchase online will tell you about how to control and manipulate the auction house to your will. Obviously for certain games, certain things will be different, but the knowledge you need for