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Diablo3 Emulator Project download – D3

It's taken a few years, but the Diablo3 Emulator Project is officially coming to fruition. In a short time, you will be able to play Diablo 3 on an emulated server, either on your own or on someone else's server. This

Changing hosting providers – who and why

Before I start, let me state that we are NOT currently Changing hosting providers. This is an informative piece which has some very important information for anyone who runs a website or a blog and why they should consider Changing hosting providers

New Server WoW Gold Farming

This New Server WoW Gold Farming, is probably one of my favorite methods to gaining gold on a new server. You might be thinking why would you need WoW Gold on a new server in the first place. If that's the

Rift: Play Rift, when Rift is down for a patch

Nope, it's not a sandbox nor an emulator. There is a trick I have used to log into Rift when it's down for patching or maintenance. It's a simple trick, but allows me to avoid going to another game during

Free Server Hosted VoIP for Small Groups

Usually when I play with my friends and we voice chat, its a small set of us which play. It's usually 3-4 core friends, with the guild. While this post isn't really aimed at the players who need voice chat

Unexpected Downtime

Sorry about the downtime folks. I had the flu and was unable to check on the server/get up nor for that matter make any posts today. I am not sure why the server died. Someone said it was the database

InnerSpace and ISBoxer Crack explained

InnerSpace and ISBoxer do not really cost that much, as far as multi-boxing software goes, ISBoxer is one of the best ones out there, but it will still run you around $36 a year. If you want to learn how

Unexpected Downtimes

There was some unexpected downtime over the last few hours. This was due a malfunctioning router on the server. We have been notified there will be additional downtime when they update the software, and possibly the hardware if this isn't

WoW: Buy Battle Pets on one Server, sell on another $$

There are a set of rare battle pets which can be purchased on one server, and sold on another for profit. Sometimes those are bought for 100-200 gold, and sold for 25k-75k gold. Now if you consider the retail price

Recent Errors and Slow Downs

I would like to apologize for the recent slow downs and errors that this site has been plagued with. We were running out of space on our server due to daily backups of the database. The old backups have been

City of Heroes – Death and Decay

Despite vigils led by the players, City of Heroes will officially go offline on November 30, 2012. These days games either make a turn free to play or get closed down. Older games while even having some type of following,

GW2: WvW Cheat – win more often

It always seems to be the same, one side wins All-the-time, and the other loses all-the-time, am I right? Use this "cheat" to win more often at WvW. This will take a bit of research, however once you get it

Rift Shard Watch

Untitled Document This great little website keeps track of each server's population, during the different times of the day. This is a big help to those of us who use the Auction House frequently, as it allows us choose the

World of Tanks: Server back online

Well, the time has come, and it's a sad day. My Tiger II, as well as my Hummel, and all my other maxed out tanks are gone (I will miss my PkZIII/IV the most I think). I now have 2

Rift Report 3/1/11

For those who want to join me, I am playing on the server Aedraxis. However I have to warn you, it's already a full server. I play on the Defiant side. Yes, I know this is a PvE server. I

Google’s First Garage Server For Sale

If you have ever wanted to own a piece of history, or wanted to have your own server, then this is the deal for you. A company over at eCrater is selling Google's first ever server for a low low...

WoW: Multiple Hero Class (Deathknight), on Same Server

It is possible to have more then one Hero Class on the same server, using this exploit.  Please note, that this was written with the Death Knight in mind, but it's also concievable that later this could work, if they

Santrex.net, my experiences

I listen to internet radio. In fact, I have been listening to Digitally Imported - Oldschool Electronica, using RadioSure! It's a nice little program that has a ton of radio stations, and easily searchable. Anyways, I heard them advertise a

Free 50 Slot, VOIP Chat Server

In case you don't read the comments, I am reposting this in the form of a post, for information on Mumbles, a chat software similar to Teamspeak, Ventrillo, and RogerWilco.  Mumble, is an open source VOIP program, which will allow