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State of this site

It's time for an update to the State of this site.  State of this site - Membership Over my weekend, I went ahead and changed over the membership software for this site. We were using the eMember Software which served us

Site Update News January 2018

Hey all, as many of you know we have been having some problems with various aspects of this site over the last several months including but not limited to 502 errors and issues with subscriptions not being automatically fulfilled. We

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted while we try to get approved by ClickBank. We have to make the site work in such a way and prove it works. It normally takes 3-5 days, but could take slightly longer. If you want to

Integrated Trade Forums News

integrated trade forums

After careful consideration, we have decided not to add Integrated Trade Forums via bbPress to this site. The main concern has been whether or not we could provide both a safe environment - which we believe IS possible, but also to

mmoexploiters Status

integrated trade forums

As many of you know, mmoexploiters.com was recently attacked and had some extended downtimes. I wanted to let you know where we were in terms of security and updating the site. First off, we did lose a little bit of

We are still having problems

We are still having problems... but the good news, is we are still working towards a solution. We backed up, restored, found some bugs, found some more, and continue to work on the problems which are causing the site to go

Unexpected Downtimes

There was some unexpected downtime over the last few hours. This was due a malfunctioning router on the server. We have been notified there will be additional downtime when they update the software, and possibly the hardware if this isn't

Site Issues

As you know we have been having some serious issues with this site with load times. At times the site has been unreachable. At times it has been unable to be loaded at all. Today we restarted the server several

Thank You for 11 Great Years

It's hard to believe, but mmoexploiters started up 11 years ago. As a special thank you, we have discounted our regularly priced subscriptions and opened up the limited 5 year subscription. Prices during this special are as follows: 5 Years

Site News: Possible Downtime

Due to a billing error caused by the intake at the hosting company, there may be a downtime in the next day. All information have been backed up, and a move can be initiated if the host goes down. While

Temp Downtime Scheduled

Hey peeps, sorry to do this, I know you have all been reading what I have been posting with great interest, however today and possibly tomorrow, I will have no new posts. My computer has decided it needs a breather.

Server Maintenance 8PM-9PM

We have been notified that tonight between 8pm and 9pm EST, our site may get some disconnections due to server maintenance. We apologize for any interruption this may cause.

Added option to subscribe to post comments

If you make a comment on a post, and wish to receive email updates when someone replies to your comment, that option is now available.  We use a double opt-in system to approve the subscriptions.  This means that after you

Site News: Captcha added to anonymous comments

We get some 150 spam comments a day, which the site filters out really well (though some do get through - which is why I check each comment.  I still have to manually check them to see if there are

Site News: Plugins

I have added the star rating back into posts, hopefully it won't mess with the subscriptions again, however if it does, I will go ahead and remove them again. I also added the bookmark share info back into posts.  It's