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Change Wild Battle Pets Skins – WoW

This trick will allow you to Change Wild Battle Pets Skins in World of Warcraft. It's mainly just a skin changer, but may also change the skills of the pets. The main thing is to go out hunting for a Wild

Free Overwatch League Skin – Limited Time Only

We've got great news, you will soon be able to get one Free Overwatch League Skin. On 10 January 2018, Blizzard is going to start the first ever Overwatch League. This is part of their eSport initiative and will sport

CSGO Hack Menu Download

CSGO Hack Menu was released, as there is now a new version of Counterstrike Global Offensive out. This CSGO Hack Menu has a whole slew of features including triggerbot, aimbot, bunnyhop, ESP, and Skins. Read the complete list of hacks

TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

In order to use this TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition - you MUST have the Special Edition running on a Windows PC computer. This will not work with any other versions, including the non-special edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


If you've been looking for the complete known list of CSGO Skin IDs, then who are we to disappoint? While we aren't listing them with pix (it would take too much bandwidth and page load time), we are going to

Blade and Soul Bikini Mod – Free Download

The Blade and Soul Bikini Mod will allow you to change out some of the outfits in Blade and Soul. There are over 70 total different Bikini Mods included in this compilation pack. You can see a small sample of

Blade and Soul Nude Mod – Free Download

Blade and Soul Nude Mod will allow you to change the default hidden style of characters within the game and give them the appearance of nudity.  WARNING: This modification to Blade and Soul (aka BnS), may disturb some people as

PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker – Easy Free Download

In a strange twist of fate, the PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker allows you to unlock each and every skin, without paying for or discovering them. Of course the PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker only works client side, meaning only you can see them,

Neverwinter: Server-Side Nude Character Exploit

Amazingly, this isn't a game hack, but rather an exploit to give your character a topless appearance. Your character will be able to run around topless, and have others see the effect.

League of Legends: Skin Changer Bug – Collect skins for free

There is a bug in LOL, which will allow to collect the extra skins for different champions. For example, if you use the glitch on Teemo, you will get Happy Elf Teemo for free. This is confirmed as working at

WoW: Fast Skinning 475-525

There is a working exploit which will gain you some really quick profession leveling for Skinning. It involves a quest out of Deepholm which allows you to infinitely skin and reskin some dead mobs allowing for easy skinning leveling.

Path of Exile: Texture Editing Tutorial

guide written by Xel This tutorial will allow you to edit the textures, which is the skin of objects and mobs as you please. All changes are client side, so no changes are made to the server, only your own

Rift: Model Edit or re-Skin?

I was searching to see if anyone had made any skin or model edits yet for Rift, when I chanced upon some images. The images in question show an elongated nose and the mouth missing on the character faces. No

Rift: Butchering 1-300

First off, you will need to find your trainer, and train the skill, this is an obvious concept of course. This is one of those skills however, that you want to pick up at a low level. Sure, you can

WoW: Skinner’s Gold Tip – Sale these skins for 50-100g Each

Skinners can make some nice, easy gold by skinning Jormungars in Northrend. For some time now, each Jormungar Scale has been selling for 50-100g in the Auction House when sold in very small quantities to make them appear more rare. On top

Runes of Magic: How to Texture Edit (skin) + Tools

Textures are tiles with some image that are printed onto the surface of graphic models. Graphics are based on textures, models and programs using them. Editing textures is completely harmless since everything is client side, not server side (only viewable by

World of Tanks Info sheet

game synopsis from: http://game.worldoftanks.com/about What genre does World of Tanks belong to? World of Tanks is a huge mixture of multiple genres. First of all this is a global-scale MMO action game. Besides, there’s a combination of other genres, which

WoW: Mount Model Swaps

Here are some model swaps, which are for your mounts. They are basically just new skins for them.  These will not help you go faster. These will not allow you to fly, when you do not have a flying ability.

World of Warcraft: WoW Skinning Guide, 1-450

In World of Warcraft, the Skinning profession enables players to skin the corpses of certain mobs to obtain various kinds of leather, hide, scales, and fur. These items can be used by Leather Workers to create armor, bags, and other

FFXI Gil Guide: Angel Skins, level 73 and higher

This guide is directed more towards players level 73+, because the monsters that drop Angel Skin are Easy Prey at 75. Brief description:  Angel Skins are a leather craft item that sells at about 1 mil on all servers. A monster

Aion: Nude Hack, Asmodian Female

I suppose it was only a matter of time, before one of these came out.  I remember my wife complaining about the one for WoW, she always wondered why her toon would actually be naked... fixed that really quick, lol.