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Slayer Leeching Guide – PoE

This Slayer Leeching Guide for Path of Exile will teach you insights into Slayer Leech with the mechanics in-game. Most people don't realize that it is Over Powered (OP), in the lab for traps and the spikey damage of izaro and

Tera Online: PvP Changes for all Classes

Since Tera has gone Free-2-Play, they have decided to make the EU and US versions of the game fall into step with the Korean version. Recent changes have included many changes to each class in PvP. Now you could read

GW2: 80 Things to do once you hit level 80

I didn't come up with this list, but it's well worth re-posting here because in all honesty, most people get bored when they hit the level cap, they whine and then they go back to the game they were in

Tera: Slayer Video + PDF class guides

This is a couple guides which will teach you how to best play your new Slayer character. The first is a video guide which will show you actual situations on how to use your skills. The other is courtesy of