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Rift: Easy Leveling with Warrior

The versatility of the warrior class is rooted in its ability to choose from eight different souls that can be easily switched at any time for a small gold price. There are also game enhancements that give you the ability

Rift: In-Depth guide to Tanking

written by Elicas@TT From: Tank Telara Intro to Tanking This guide shouldn't hold too much any current min-maxers in other MMO's do not already know, and is more of a repository of knowledge for nearly 10 years of MMO tanking

Rift: Soul Tree trick

This is a little trick which will allow you to change your 3rd tree, as many times as you want without resetting them at a trainer.

Rift Report 3/1/11

For those who want to join me, I am playing on the server Aedraxis. However I have to warn you, it's already a full server. I play on the Defiant side. Yes, I know this is a PvE server. I