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Free Multiboxing Software list – WoW

It isn't often when you can simply download and try a Free Multiboxing Software. Sadly, this one is currently working only for World of Warcraft players (hoping for multiple games soon) for the time being. It's also only free while in

Basic Packet Logger Source Code C++

Why do you need a Basic Packet Logger in C++? If you have ever been interested in hacking an online game, then you're going to need to know the basics. Besides learning to program in C++, either by reading or

Albion Online Cheat Detection methods

I do not know how old this information is, but since I started playing Albion Online, I figured I should share some of the Albion Online Cheat Detection methods which I came across. There are 2, which I have come across, and

Another Overwatch Aimbot with Source

With everyone playing Overwatch, I figured now was the time to release Another Overwatch Aimbot. This one however comes with source code. However, I am going to suggest strongly, that you use this one as a learning tool, and that you

Noob Bot Source Code – WoW

This Noob Bot Source Code that I am sharing with you (not hosted here), is not a working bot. It however can be updated and used in other projects with a bit of fiddling. The last time it was worked on

Overwatch Aimbot – Free Download

This Overwatch Aimbot is a smoother version of the known Korean Overwatch Aimbot. It's basically the Korean Overwatch Aimbot, except that it was decompiled, then cleaned up, and smoothed out to make everything run better. It's not perfect, as it does

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source & Download

There are plenty of autoclickers out there, but most of them won't hold a click. This ProClicker AutoClick Macro will click and hold, then release with random durations. Now the author of this script, compiled it and gives it away,

ARK Survival ESP Radar – Source Code

The ARK Survival ESP Radar source code will allow you to build your own Radar hack. Find the offsets, and compile the hack, making a custom build, which is less likely to get you banned or suspended from Ark Survival Evolved.

Nippys Trove Fishbot

Here's Nippys Trove Fishbot. The previous Trove Fishbot we put up, no longer works and has been abandoned by the author, so here's one to replace it. It doesn't look as fancy, but it still does what needs to be

Neverwinter: Unlimited Teleports with Mage or Wizard Game Hack

This game hack allows your mage or wizard to teleport as often as you want, the resource doesn´t get used up. If you're worried that this might be a keylogger or trojan, don't be. We include the source code (for

Path of Exile: Auto Loot AutoIt Script Source Code

This script was created in AutoIt, and is not perfect but could be added to a bot or edited to be more versatile. If you want an AutoLoot function, especially when running in a group to grab those yellows and

Diablo 3: Mooege Emulator Source Code

While the project is no longer being worked on, there was an emulator which would allow you to login to the Diablo 3 client, create a character, and then login to said character to play the world. The project was

Complete Cisco Certification IT Network Training Bundle $99

I don't usually post things like this, but over at Groupon, they are offering an online course to get Cisco certified for only $99. What this means is that a normally  you would pay about $3k for a course like

Diablo 3: Kulle Leveling Script for AutoIt – with source code

This is a fully operational post patch kulle leveling exploit for Diablo 3. It catches errors and throws them in the garbage. Please note the source code is included so you can verify that there is no nasty stuff, and

Diablo 3: Free Potion Bot Source Code (AutoIt)

First off, I am not the creator of this, in fact the bot owner is no longer working on it. However this includes all the source code and the description on how to make it work. Please note, this source

Tool: Asm to AutoIt RegEx Pattern search string Creator

This tool will automatically convert OllyDbg dumped code into correct syntax for AutoIt, with all arguments replaced with .{8} or .{2} or whatever size it is.

Tool: AutoIt Offset Finder (source code)

So you've got this bot source code, and you want to update the offsets... but you don't want to do it manually via CheatEngine. Here's where you use a tool (which you will need to adapt for your needs), to

Eden Eternal: Working AutoIt Bot with Source Code

A working Eden Eternal bot, created with AutoIt. This bot is simple to use, and includes the source code. Please note however you will need to find the offsets using CheatEngine or another memory editing software. Please see the source

EQ2 Predator Vision + Feather Fall game hack

Perhaps you recall scenes from Predator movies where they flip through different types of vision? This simple trainer let's you do that in EQ2!  As an added bonus I've also granted the ability to enable feather fall, long jumping or

Final Fantasy 14 Fish Bot

Here is a brand new casting bot for people. This casting bot can do everything you can need. advisable of all you can change use it cast minimized. The downside is it injects into the game client but you should

Download this Free OpenSource Minecraft Clone – Minetest-c55

It had to happen sometime, and in this case, you can now build your own server and tweak it how you like. While this is a Minecraft clone, it should be noted that the developer is looking for help to