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Rift: Speedhack C++ Source Code example

All credit to original author class CGame;<br> class CEntity;<br> class CEntityStats;<br> <br> class CGame<br> {<br> public:<br> inline CEntity* GetLocalEntity( void ) { return m_lpcLocalEntity; }<br> <br> private:<br> /* 0x0000 */ BYTE _000[ 0x17C ];<br> /* 0x017C */ CEntity* m_lpcLocalEntity;<br> };<br>

Rift: Warp Hack and Speed Hack Download

Here is an awesome Rift: Planes of Telara teleporter plus Speed Hack. Please make sure to disable Trion's anti-cheat software before using this gamehack...

EVE: AutoIt script with Pixel detection

This is a simple AutoIt script which uses pixel detection to mine automatically.  The source code is provided so that you can edit it as you see fit.  This has been tested on the following resolutions 1600x1200, 1600x1024, 1280x1024, &

EVE Online: Client Source Code

A couple years ago, the source code for EVE Online's client was released.  It turns out, that it was written with Python.  What makes this so unique is that Python, when cracked or reverse engineered, comes out as the original

Evony: Client Source Code

There has been talk of taking this source code and making some emulated servers.  There has yet to be an emulated server, which I have found.  However, from what I understand, you will need some programming knowledge and a bit

Tool: Macro Recorder and Editer

If you're like me, and don't want to sit down and learn how to script, then there are some very cool, free tools out there, that can allow you to simply record a macro, and replay it as many times

Decompile exe’s to aut (AutoIt)

Once in a while, a tool comes along that should be in any would-be exploiter's arsenal. This tool, takes unencrypted exe's and turns them into auto-it source code. Of course the exe has to be a compiled version