BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hackThe BDO Speed and Attack hack we are about to expose to you, is truly amazing to behold. Not only does movement speed increase, but also attack speed. It works in PVE against mobs. It should never be used in PVP. Using in PVP will be an insta ban.

It reminds me of the old speedhack from around 20 years ago, which would speed up the whole processor. Mind you, the game speed would completely speed up, even the mobs. But alas, it meant a level 20 player, could decimate a level 100 player, as the 100 would move at a crawl comparetively. It only worked in PVP. 

BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hack works for NA/EU and SEA client, they might try to support different regions later.


  • Attack speed hack
  • Movement speed hack
  • Instant auto loot everything around you
  • XignCode proof


  • Run Loader.exe as admin, then start the game, the hack will load itself automatically.
  • Once ingame you can use the following chat commands :
    • /attackspeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /movespeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /autoloot 1/0 (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
  • To make sure it's loaded you can type "/whatever" in the chat, if the text isn't processed by the game, you are good to go 🙂

Future Plans:

They are also working on in game scripting capability so they can make a fish bot, market bot, etc.

Video Proof:

BDO Speed and Attack hack download:

As a reminder, we highly suggest you use the following tools to prevent discovery of your game hack, even though the creaters claim it is XingCode proof.

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DCUO MultiHack – Free Download

DCUO MultiHack works with the PC Version of DC Universe Online, and gives some amazing features such as NoClip (move through walls), Speed Hack, Infinite Jump and a bunch more. Now you can become as a god in the game and dominate your enemies.

DCUO MultiHack Features 

DCUO MultiHack functions:
INSERT - Display Menu
F1 : No Clip
F2 : No Delay
F3 : Speed Hack
F4 : Speed Value
(0 - 100x)
F5 : Show Ping
END : Cycle Emote Spamming Sets
F6 : Infinite Jump
F7 : Fake Infinite Power
F8 : Fake Infinite SuperCharge
Page Up : Lock Camera Location
Page Down : No Attack Animation
F9 : Left Click Macro
F10 : Right Click Macro
F12 : Power Slot 1 Macro
HOME : Edit Macro Timings
(numpad- to decrease / numpad+ to increase)
Left Click Time
Left Click Time Delay
Right Click Time
Right Click Time Delay
Power Slot 1 Time
Power Slot 1 Time Delay


DCUO Multihack

Emote set lists:
(numpad 0 - 7 to spam emotes)
Emote set one:
Emote set two:
Emote set three:
Emote set four:
Emote set five:
Emote set six:

DCUO MultiHack Instructions:

  1. Place "Binds.txt" in your c drive (you MUST do this)
  2. Use an injector of your choice (Injector)
  3. Run DCUO in windowed mode
  4. Run Injector
  5. Select DCGAME.EXE
  6. Add DLL- Find and select "DCUO MultiHack v2.1.dll"
  7. Settings- Tick "Erase PE" / "Hide Module" / "Close on inject"
  8. Settings- Injection Method "Manual Map"
  9. Click inject
  10. Activate the hotkeys ingame

Download DCUO Multihack

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).



  • Display menu only works in windowed mode
  • No Delay ranged bugged for rifle
  • Fake power/supercharge may work for certain powers activate when at full power/sc
  • You can now rebind your keys in Binds.txt using decimal value. Click Here.

Ferib WoW Tool Compilation Set

If you're not familiar with Ferib and his WoW Tool Compilation Set, then prepare to be amazed. This is a set of 5 tools, which can be used on private emulated servers to allow various functions, included a Deathknight Insta Kill (great for PVP) using Deathgrip, the Pumpkin Tool, Teleportation (aka Warp), Toy Tool, XYZ Read, Fly Hack, Speed Hack, Multi-Jump, Level Changer.... Do I have your attention now? Continue reading "Ferib WoW Tool Compilation Set"

Blade & Soul Speedhack – Free download

This Blade & Soul Speedhack works only to speed up the movement speed of your character. It allows you to just about double your speed, and to keep it constant, even while in combat (normally it gets slowed by about 25% otherwise). Instead, the Speedhack will speed your movement speed to about 175%, of your normal speed. This new speed can then be locked down for both combat and normal play. Continue reading "Blade & Soul Speedhack – Free download"

Devilian Speed Hack

Before I give you the Devilian Speed Hack, let me explain that in itself, it's not a separate hack. It is instead a Cheat Engine Hack. So you will need to install Cheat Engine to make it work, and once working understand how to run a script, which is taught on the site to download Cheat Engine. Continue reading "Devilian Speed Hack"

WoW 4.3.4 Emulator: Hunter’s Bot Advanced Tele/Speedhack Program

This is the final release of Pinny's Hunter Bot for WoW v4.3.4. This is meant for an emulator ONLY. Use of this on an official server may get you banned. Use at your own risk. Continue reading "WoW 4.3.4 Emulator: Hunter’s Bot Advanced Tele/Speedhack Program"

SWTOR: Simple Free-to-Use Speedhack – upto 5x speed! – NERFED

This is one of those great tools to use if you are soloing flashpoints, but not to show off or use anywhere else. This is a free to use speedhack, by the makers of AresBot to speed up your character/mounted speed. Continue reading "SWTOR: Simple Free-to-Use Speedhack – upto 5x speed! – NERFED"

SWTOR: Working Speedhack

This works for now. I do not expect it to be fixed in the near future and there is no anti-cheat code activated within the game yet.

Standard Warning - This can change at any time, and you do risk losing your account if you are caught. So use with care, don't use over about 2x speed, never show off - even to friends, etc.

We HIGHLY recommend you only use this when soloing instances!

Multi-Game Speedhack with crack

This is a speed hack, which works on most games which don't have some type of game protection. What it does is actually increases the speed at which Windows will run (excluding Win7 64). It speeds up everything, but also allows you to target specific windows. While I wouldn't recommend using this with WoW or without a gameguard bypass, it will work great to slow older games down, or speed up new games.

Rift: Speedhack C++ Source Code example

All credit to original author

class CGame;<br>
class CEntity;<br>
class CEntityStats;<br>
class CGame<br>
inline CEntity* GetLocalEntity( void ) { return m_lpcLocalEntity; }<br>
/* 0x0000 */ BYTE _000[ 0x17C ];<br>
/* 0x017C */ CEntity* m_lpcLocalEntity;<br>
class CEntity<br>
inline CEntityStats* GetStats( void ) { return m_lpcEntityStats; }<br>
/* 0x0000 */ BYTE _000[ 0x20 ];<br>
/* 0x0020 */ CEntityStats* m_lpcEntityStats;<br>
class CEntityStats<br>
inline DWORD GetClassId( void ) { return m_dwClassId; }<br>
inline float GetMovementSpeed( void ) { return m_fMovementSpeed; }<br>
/* 0x0000 */ BYTE _000[ 0x04 ];<br>
/* 0x0004 */ DWORD m_dwClassId;<br>
/* 0x0008 */ BYTE _008[ 0xC4 ];<br>
/* 0x00CC */ float m_fMovementSpeed;<br>
// --<br>
MakeVar( CGame**, g_lpcGame, 0xE105E8 )<br>
MakeFnc( double, __fastcall, ( CEntity* lpcEntity, DWORD _EDX, DWORD dwArg1, DWORD dwArg2, DWORD dwArg3, DWORD dwArg4 ), CEntity_GetVelocity, 0x1EBEB0 )<br>
// --<br>
double __fastcall New_CEntity_GetVelocity( CEntity* lpcEntity, DWORD _EDX, DWORD dwArg1, DWORD dwArg2, DWORD dwArg3, DWORD dwArg4 )<br>
double dVelocity = CEntity_GetVelocity( lpcEntity, _EDX, dwArg1, dwArg2, dwArg3, dwArg4 );<br>
if( dVelocity != 0.0 && (*g_lpcGame) && lpcEntity == (*g_lpcGame)->GetLocalEntity( ) )<br>
dVelocity *= CCore::s_lpcCore->GetSpeed( );<br>
return dVelocity;<br>

Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack

Warhammer's BugCraft is a free (for now) game hack, which has some features which will allow you to have fun, and to farm gold more easily in Warhammer Online.  It is a game hack, so precautions should be taken, such as not showing off, nor telling your friends about it.  It will allow you to speed run, fly, Super Jump, and much more. Continue reading "Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack"

Evony: Unlimited Resources Hack

First off, before anyone asks... yes this works.  I tested it myself, on one of my accounts. Some say it doesn't work. Some will say it appears to, but doesn't. Some will even tell you that you will see your resources going up, but you can't use them and if you refresh the page you go back to the normal amount of resources.

Well, if you refresh the page, then your resources will all go away, that you cheated to get.  However, as long at you use this hack, then your resources will continue to come in fast.  It's a great way to build resources after an attack, it's an awesome way to supply your friends with resources.  But, it is a cheat, and getting caught with this, can cause you to be banned, so use with caution - that means don't show off!