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Rift: Spitt’s PvE Rogue Tank AoE Build

Let me first say, I have been playing around with the Rouge tank for a while now, though not a long time. Every rogue tank I had seen before, could do T1 but not T2 very well. Some of the

Temp Downtime Scheduled

Hey peeps, sorry to do this, I know you have all been reading what I have been posting with great interest, however today and possibly tomorrow, I will have no new posts. My computer has decided it needs a breather.

WoW: Herb Farming Locations – for gold or inscription/alchemy

First off, here's a vid that was posted 5 months ago, on soloing Freya's Herbs.  It's not a bad way to make some gold/gather herbs, but for VIP members, I am going to share my personal spot which will net