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StarWars Galaxy: Stack Officer Buffs

Submitted by Thor for access - Is this access worthy? Please reply in the comments with your thoughts. You know, that you COULD stack officer buffs, just not on your character? Of course not, only few people do. Read this

StarWars Galaxy: G9 Waypoint exploit

Have a G9 and wish you could bring your group with you to one of your 3 saved warp points in the galaxy: First, call your G9 ITV. Click it to bring up your travel screen, now, before you click

StarWars Galaxy: 35 Modifier Bit exploit

Quite simply, when you have 17 Constitution in one socket, and 25 Constitution in another on the same piece, it gets "merged" into a single stat- so we see two single separate stats instead of one- in this case, 42

StarWars Galaxy: Useful tip for having a Smuggler Ally

Requirements: A smuggler with the ability to cloak ally - they must be in your group Objective: Recieve a cloak for about 20-25 seconds while running, driving, etc We've all been hit by the smuggler's ability to cloak an ally,

StarWars Galaxies: Level 90 Entertainer in 3 hours

For those of you that wonder how to become lvl 90 entertainer in 2-3 hours (yes, it's still possible)... First, go to mustafar. Then, enter the cantina, and talk to one of the dancers there to learn the pei'yi dance.

StarWars Galaxies: Tenebous Edge Macro

Pull out a droid. Make this macro and name it steal. /target nandina /pause .2 ...

StarWars Galaxies: Repeatable Quest, 100k experience

Fragments of the Past quest is repeatable b4 you go to obi wan's trials if you only do frags part 1 and 2 then delete 3 and rinse and repeat. If you complete it, you CAN repeat Fragments 1 and