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Perfect World: 15% Bonus Code for Zen

I do not plan to use this code (there is only one code)... so if anyone wants to try it, you are more then welcome to this code. It will gain you a 15% bonus on purchasing Zen via Perfect

Star Trek Online: Get 50 Fleet Marks and 1400 Dilithium every day

This is a little trick which will allow you to get 50 fleet marks and about 1400 Dilithium every day. It works for both the Klingon Empire as well as the Federation factions.

STO: Female Model Nude Hack

This is a STO: Female Model Nude Hack for StarTrek Online. This will make your female character and many of those around you... more enjoyable to watch/follow. lol. Note that this is the GVZ Undertow release for the Star Trek Online Extended

StarTrek Online: Auto Fire Macro

This is the perfect macro for anyone who wants to worry more on maneuverability, rather then firing weapons. It will switch between 3 guns and shoot automatically, which is great for a couple heavy guns. AutoHotKey is required for this macro.

StarTrek Online – Complete Walkthrough for Every Mission

I can't take credit for this guide, but I can assure you this is legit. It's a 100+ page guide which will walk you through each and every mission available to you in StarTrek Online. No mission is left untouched.

StarTrek Online: Easy Leveling Experience (Skill Points)

This might be well known, but for those that don't know there is an easy way to get some Experience. I've only done this from the FED side, but I can't see why it would be any different for the Klingon

StarTrek Online: The anatomy of a Tribble

One of the most interesting things about tribble breeding is that every tribble subspecies carries the DNA for all other subspecies. Which traits dominate is determined by how they are raised. Thus with proper care, one can obtain any type

StarTrek Online: Ground forces winning strategy

I don't know about you, but I hate having to do a mission over, if I screw something up, or die prematurely.  This is a way, within StarTrek Online, which will allow you a much better chance at surviving, when

StarTrek Online: Auto Shield balance and fire weapons macro

When you're in a battle, the last thing you want to keep doing is to balance your shields... but its a necessary evil. So, for that matter, is firing your weapons.  This is an AutoIt macro that will do both

StarTrek Online (STO): Finding the objective on planet missions

If you are having trouble finding where to go when doing planet mission, there is an easy solution, rather then running everywhere, not knowing what you are looking for.  Look for the red dots on the map, these are mobs

STO: Resetting Missions tip

When playing StarTrek Online (STO), and you are on a mission occasionally, something will mess up and make it difficult or impossible to finish.  in this case, simply beam back to the ship and then beam back to the surface.

StarTrek Online (STO): Stuck in Planet bug

Ok, so I decided to fly down to a planet (Earth).  It was going ok, a bit shakey... couldn't get all the way down.  But then I decided to go back to the Starbase, and found the bug.  Haha, you

STO: Fastest leveling to Admiral guide

Leveling in StarTrek Online, doesn't have to be slow, but your choice of ship combination can make a huge tactical advantage, knowing what works best.  And once you create the best combination, additionally knowing where to go, at what level,

StarTrek Online: Burning up Video Cards

I recently heard of an interesting bug, where StarTrek Online users (hundreds of them) were having their video cards burned up on them.  Now, I assume that for something like this, that a class action lawsuit would be in order. 

Star Trek Online: Beginners Game Guide

This game guide will help Star Trek Online newbies learn how to get started on Star Trek Online; from getting the game to playing it on your computer! Contents: I. What is Star Trek Online? Overview Star Trek Online (or

StarTrek Online: Open Hogg files

As many of you already know, Star Trek Online was recently launched.  If you are one who likes to explore, then this is the information you need (and the program), to open the archives and see whats in them. Textures