Site Update News January 2018

Hey all, as many of you know we have been having some problems with various aspects of this site over the last several months including but not limited to 502 errors and issues with subscriptions not being automatically fulfilled. We have contacted various persons and asked for help, as well as done some extensive research into the issues at hand.

Site Update News January 2018

Site Update News

We believe the 502 error has been solved, but we won't know for sure until someone lets us know otherwise. If it persists, we may only need to restart the server. But a comment stating you found a 502 error would be welcome.

S2Member Pro

We are going to be moving all of our current subscribers over to a new subscription system. The old one was updated to the ipv6 protocol, but unfortunately the subscription software has been buggy AF. So we took the leap and are going to be moving over from eMember to S2Member Pro. There will be some manual work for us, and will need several hours of time to get it done, which means doing it on days off. Active members will still have access to the same things, but the site will need to be taken offline for about an hour while we perform the update.

Manual Work

As stated, some of it will be manual. This means current users will be moved over to the new system manually and setting up the subscriptions' end time. We will also be taking the forums and adding all our private members manually to forums access as well. Forums are for all users past and present, who did not ask for a refund or place a chargeback. If after midweek you know you paid for access and did not get updated to the new system, you will be able to request via a contact form to get access.

New SignIn Widget

When the site comes back online, we will have a new sign-in widget. It is currently located at the bottom of the page, but it will be moved up to make it easy to find. The old one will no longer work once the changes are made, just as the new one will not currently work, the roles will be reversed.


As a reminder, midweek this week expect some downtime. We expect it to be less than one hour. Moving subscriptions will manually be moved over, and take several hours.

Free Access

Other than that, once everything is back on schedule, we will be once again adding guides, exploits, macros, etc. Remember, we do on occasion give free VIP access. Use the contact form and submit an original guide, exploit, or macro. If we can verify it's both original and working, you can earn free time in the forums and/or website.

Access All VIP Content

VIP MembersIt's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of them jumped onto the scene and others have been replaced, renamed, or even abandoned. With over 15 years under our belt, we aren't going anywhere. Continue reading "Access All VIP Content"

New Subscriptions Open Again

New Subscriptions Open AgainWe have been approved by Clickbank and will begin again selling subscriptions. New subscriptions will now cost $10 monthly, but will allow more people access to all that we have to offer by allowing outside websites to send traffic this way.

Note: All current subscribers will continue to keep their subscription at the reduced rate until canceled.

Moneyback Guarantee - More Payment Options

Forums are up now, for all VIP members
Share and collaborate safely

Continue reading "New Subscriptions Open Again"

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted

New Subscriptions Temporarily Halted while we try to get approved by ClickBank. We have to make the site work in such a way and prove it works. It normally takes 3-5 days, but could take slightly longer. If you want to get a subscription, please use the contact form to make a request. We will send you to a different page to create a subscription. 

If we get approved by Clickbank, the subscription will be $10 a month, with 50% going to affiliates to help promote the site. If the site is not approved, then we will go back to using our own in-house affiliate system. 

Clickbank Integration Coming Soon

Over the next few days, we will complete our Clickbank Integration for Clickbank Integration Clickbank allows us to reach a greater market and to let others know we are here. This in turn will allow us to bring you higher quality content. If you are currently subscribed through PayPal, this will not affect your subscription. You will continue to stay an active member, for as long as you continue to pay, at the rate you are currently paying. Continue reading "Clickbank Integration Coming Soon"

VIP Member logins working again

Your membership is not gone, we do however have to move it over from an old database. Everything should be back to normal within a day, sorry for the delay. I will update this post when everything is back to normal.

If after this, you still have problems, then use the contact form, and we will sort out any mess for you.

EDIT 1-29-2013 7:18am Members Login should now be working again. Applied an auto-timeout of 2 hours, after that you will need to re-authenticate. Also limited logins to 2 IPs per day, assuming you either checked from home and work or home and cell phone. If you have any problems logging in, or if it says you aren't active/expired, use the contact form to contact us (I realize the contact form might not yet be working, in which case send a message on facebook via

New Subscriptions will now be strictly tied to your PayPal email. You should not try using an alias email, it will fail. Attempting to use a trash type email, will cause the subscription to fail as well.

EDIT 1-29-2013 10:38am Turned on Caching. Should the database run into a problem again, this should help to keep the site online, while the database has errors. Will also speed the site up for most visitors.

Made it easier to share pages with various social bookmarking websites. I included VK (or our EU players), FB, Twitter, G+, and QQ (for our CN players), plus some of the other popular social sites, and the last one which will allow you to email a link. VIP Members can also bookmark directly to this site, for articles they want to read later.

Turned back on the Contact page and the Article submission page. This will make it easier to contact us, and allow you to easily gain free VIP Member time, or provide a guest post, or to announce a guild or emulator. 

World of Warcraft: RIP? Not quite yet, but…


At one time, the iconic online game “World of Warcraft” ruled the kingdom. It now seems to be coming to an end. One of the world’s favorite online games has seen a huge loss in their subscriber base with 600,000+ gamers leaving in the past three months.

Since the beginning of 2013 over two million subscribers have left the game. Activision Blizzard, the game’s owners, had 9.6 million users at the start of the year, that figure has now fallen to around 7.7 million, reports Sky News.

The main reason for this sudden and dramatic drop in interest seems to be the growing popularity of other games, and the redundant play of the game itself. Most players I have talked to in recent months, told me that they left to play something else including GW2, Neverwinter, League of Legends, and any other number of games. The most interesting thing in all of this, isn't which games they left to go play, but rather which type of game they decided to play... Free-2-play or games with no monthly subscription.

Is this the end of WoW? No, but unless something changes dramatically within the game over the next year, this might be the beginning of the end.

WoW: The Scam of Buying time from a RAF account


So if you Refer-a-Friend, and they purchase a subscription and add full keys to the account, then you in turn get 30 days of play time. Perhaps you've heard of this? People sell the 30 days worth of time, and you might pay $10 for it, maybe even less. Seems like a good deal, right? It's actually a scam.

Now this scam, doesn't hurt you, but it's a scam never-the-less. It works a bit differently then scams which interfere directly with you. You see, you buy the time, and you get it, no scam, right? Actually, while you aren't the one being scammed, it is a scam, and I am going to explain how it works. Continue reading "WoW: The Scam of Buying time from a RAF account"

Free Rift CDKey + Expansion + 30 Days Game Time


Raptr is giving away these keys, for anyone who plays and keeps the Raptr program open. But I gotta be honest here - I don't need another account. I have 3 already! So, in the spirit of sharing, I am going to give away these keys to someone who can use them. One will goto a member on this site, and one will goto a Facebook follower.  If you aren't a member of this site, or you don't want to follow us on Facebook, you can always try to get a free key yourself by going to Raptr's site. However I have to warn you, you will need to be "Experienced" in the game. This means you will need several hours of game time.

Here's a tip, which will allow you to gain 14+ hours of game time a day, without playing...


Rift Free Storm Legion expansion with subscription

In what seems to be the current trend of things, Trion is jumping on the bandwagon and offering a free upgrade to their Storm Legion expansion, if players purchase 1 year of subscription time. This is actually a heck of a deal, considering that if you paid month-to-month AND got the Storm Legion expansion, you would pay around $240. Instead you only need to pay about $120. If you consider the expansion will likely be around $50 to $60, then this means you will be paying $5-$6 per month with the free expansion.

The only weird thing I found, was you can't at this time actually pre-purchase the expansion, even though it seems to be coming out in the next couple months. Continue reading "Rift Free Storm Legion expansion with subscription"

Diablo 3: MimicBot Releases Diablo III bot – WARNING – Detected!

I told you all, a while ago, I wouldn't endorse any bot I don't trust, and that I was awaiting 2 different bots to come out because they both have experience dealing with Warden via WoW. Any other bot, is kind of iffy since they don't have experience with Warden, Blizzard's anti-cheat program. Well the other day, the first bot was released as a 6 hour trial. While the full version isn't yet released we can expect them to release monthly subscription cards fairly soon.

You can buy the 6 hour trial subscription cards here.


Update: 200 hour and 1 month cards now available as well.


As with all game hacks and bots, you should use them at your own risk. 

mmoexploiters – Once a Year Sale 2 and 5 year subscriptions

This is not normally offered, but as you can see from all our posts at, we are here to stay. For a while it was kind of iffy, back when we switched from forums to wordpress a couple years ago. It's simply amazed me to see how much we have exploded in traffic since we switched over formats. Before the change, we were peaking at 1k visitors a day with the average around 100-500 visitors, now we have hit new records and exceeded 5k views a day, with some of our content hitting over 100k views in the last year, edging towards 150k!

So in honor of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, a 2-year format change Anniversary, 10-Year site Anniversary, and any other deal or holiday you can think of, we are offering 2 new subscriptions. They will only be available for a short time, from Thursday November 24, 2011 till Thursday December 1, 2011.

2 years price will be $37.49 (save 25% off the normal yearly rate) - President VIP
5 years price will be $74.99 (save 40% off the normal yearly rate) - Chairman VIP

Both of these subscriptions will get you access to each and every post, guide, exploit, tool, macro, bot, and full-game download we offer. You will also gain some exclusive discounts and deals available from, our gold and leveling site.

Starting Thursday, you will be able to get one of these subscriptions on our purchase page.

Not only do we provide you with the newest game hacks and cheats, but we also provide you with exclusive guides and tips, to some of the hottest games out there. So check out what's new, leave a comment, ask a question, or just say "hi". We'd love to hear from you.


P.S. We are always looking for new writers who can write game hacks or make new guides. If you are an elite player, and wish to share some of your experiences, we may be interested in you, Contact Us.

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms – Free extra hero or town

While you might think that the only way to get a another town or another hero, past the free ones is to either wait 42 days or pay for a subscription in Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, that's not quite true. You can actually get either or both of these free, sooner. It's not even a trick or cheat, however it does take a bit of battling. Continue reading "Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms – Free extra hero or town"

Rift Giveaway: 60 day timecard for Rift US or Rift EU

I have a Rift 60 day time code and will be giving it away to 1 lucky winner!

This is a contest, for a free 60 day timecard to Rift.

  • Each VIP Member who replies, gets 4 entries.
  • Purchase at least $20 worth of Rift Platinum or Leveling from each day. Then reply to this thread with your order number, to get 3 entries each day.
  • Like us on Facebook or Tweet about us on Twitter, to get 1 free entry (you will need to respond with your Twitter/Facebook name to be counted as an entry).

Contest starts on April 11, 2011 at 12:01 AM PST and ends May 1st, 2011 12:01 AM PST.

Buy Cheap Rift Platinum & Safe Hand Leveling

No purchase necessary. I reserve the right to change or modify the contest at will. *One (1) Rift Platinum/Leveling  purchase per day can be applied for free entries. No Prize substitutions will be given. Contest sponsored by We will make all efforts to contact the winner, however supplying a false email address, will make it more difficult to deliver.

MMO: It’s all a numbers game – looking at subscriber base

For any MMO game to be successful it has to capture a good sized subscriber base. If the community is to take hold and the servers are to be busy enough to give the illusion of a bustling world then plenty of people are essential. There are a few sources for subscriber information and more importantly there are places where you can compare the active user base. Continue reading "MMO: It’s all a numbers game – looking at subscriber base"

All MMO: Texas, USA Residents to pay tax on subscription fees

As you most likely already know, I am owner of an account selling site,  I recently received some emails from SOE, stating that something new is afoot in Texas.  It seems that Texas has decided to start taxing people's subscriptions to online games.  This means that any subscription in the state of Texas will be charged a slight fee.  It makes me wonder on which other states or countries will follow, I imagine California, with their financial straits, but I also wonder if it will create a rebellion.  California already taxes items which you receive from other states via online transactions.  What more will follow? Continue reading "All MMO: Texas, USA Residents to pay tax on subscription fees"

Subscription System Updated

We have switched to a new subscription program.  All previous members have access to the new system, just login using the "Member Login", on the right side of this page.

When you use the new system to purchase a subscription, you will be sent an email with a link to setup your account, after purchase (to your PayPal email account).  This will then allow you to access the VIP content.  Continue reading "Subscription System Updated"

Previous Subscribers Please Contact Me

If you were a paid subscriber of mmoexploiters, UberAgeofConan, UberWarhammer, or UberEverquest, please contact me.  I will give you VIP access here, since the deal with Tault fell through.

You can use the contact form at the bottom of the screen or simply click here, to contact me.