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Gear Swap during Greater Rifts – Boss Exploit – Diablo 3

This Gear Swap during Greater Rifts exploit provides an unfair advantage in that the Boss Killer can act as a 3rd support during the rift, in providing buffs through Oculus ring / Toxin gem etc. Together with the Gear Swap

Intro to Overwatch Classes

This Intro to Overwatch Classes guide is to help you, the beginner, decide on which class to play. In Overwatch, there are four different class types: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Let's get started.

Esper PVE Support Builds – Wildstar

These Esper PVE Support Builds, will give you a general overview of a few different builds which are viable, since Wildstar went F2P (free-to-play). We go over the general Play Style, as well as Stat Priority, and best Runes, so

Level Class Perks – Killing Floor 2

Level Class Perks

There are a number of ways in which the leveling system has changed since Killing Floor, and chief among them are Level Class Perks. Here are some of the changes in playstyle you should keep in mind if you want

Basic Class Overview – Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 logo

Here are a number of things to know and remember for each of the four Early Access classes (Berserker, Commando, Medic, Support) in Killing Floor 2. There are four playable classes in Early Access, and three playable maps that you can

LOL: How to play Nami as Support

Regardless of what is said in the video, support is one of my favorite roles to play. Not only is it a damage dealer, but also because healing your team is a vital part of your team's success. When you

Marvel Heroes: Jean Grey Guide

This guide is intended to aid new players of Jean Grey or help those that are having trouble with her. Jean Grey is the telekinetic/telepathic, supportive backbone of the X-men team. Being Omega class, her potential is near limitless, and

Path of Exile: Witch Fire Summoner Build & Guide

The goal of this build are to have an army of zombies with high fire damage. Your basic fight consists of approaching an enemy group and dropping a spell totem with summon skeletons attached. These skeletons act as a meat

League of Legends: 5 Unlikely Support Champions

If you are bored of your typical support champions or are you playing with friends, forced into the support position but prefer a more active role in the game then you might want to choose a new Champion. Here are

GW2: 5 Must Read Dungeon Running Tips for everyone

Guild Wars 2 sends the traditional Tank/Heal/DPS threesome home, in favor of a positioning-based system that puts each player in charge of their own health. Here are five tips to help you get through Guild Wars 2’s five-person dungeons without

Guild Wars 2: Weapons and Weapon Sets

written and compiled by Tom Riddle I missed these great charts on my original info link search. They contain which weapons can be used by which class, along with the types of weapons (offensive, defensive, support, or healing based weapons

Rift: Bard Tank DPS PvP All-In-One Build

This build has a super high survival rate, when hunting solo or even in groups. It goes 36 points in Bard, 26 in Riftstalker, and 6 in Assassin. It can kill fast with assassin abilities when in a group for

Battle Pirates: Revenge Raid 2 & Base Moves now available

With the Revenge Raid 2 coming in a couple days, Battle Pirates has gone ahead and opened up Base Moves again. Should you do it? Thats a question people are wondering about. Should you move near your friends, should they

Starcraft 2: How to expand early, with Zerg

Zerg has its own unique strength and weaknesses. One important thing that you should know is Zerg are very powerful and gathering resources and producing units much faster than Protoss and Terran. Use this to your advantage. It is difficult to