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Battlefield 1 tips and tricks

These Battlefield 1 tips and tricks are a collection of tips and even a bit of a guide which will help you to change from a casual player to a better player, possibly to become a hardcore player - but that's

Intro to Overwatch Classes

This Intro to Overwatch Classes guide is to help you, the beginner, decide on which class to play. In Overwatch, there are four different class types: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Let's get started.

Firing Missiles – Armored Warfare

When you're Firing Missiles, it's a bit different then firing with regular ammo, and when I say regular, I am talking about all of the various types of ammo versus Missiles.

Armored Warfare – World of Tanks 2 Clone?

So that's the question, is Armored Warfare a World of Tanks 2 Clone? I saw an interesting email alert, and it seems that there is finally a viable clone for World of Tanks. But this clone seems to be following in the

Warrior Support PVE Builds – Wildstar

With the recent launch of Wildstar F2P, I thought that maybe it was time for some Wildstar Warrior Support PVE Builds, which aren't dated as being from pre-F2P. Lets start with some information you are going to need to understand first,

Level Class Perks – Killing Floor 2

Level Class Perks

There are a number of ways in which the leveling system has changed since Killing Floor, and chief among them are Level Class Perks. Here are some of the changes in playstyle you should keep in mind if you want

Archeage Healing Guide & Builds

Archeage Healing Guide

The Archeage Healing Guide includes everything needed for any player wanting to make their character a main healer including suggested builds. If you wish to create a secondary healer or a self sufficient healing character. What makes a character a

WildStar Warrior Tanking Build & Guide

So a few weeks on into the game, I have learned and changed my WildStar Warrior Tanking build quite a bit. Its improved my TPS a crap load up to around 8k or 9k TPS. My survivability is great with over 11k

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PVP Build

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PvP Build written by gctrl Typically what you see most Devoted Clerics doing when trying to increase their survival chance is to stack a significant amount of Regeneration (usually in the 1000-1400 range) However, when it

Neverwinter: Guardian Fighter Hybrid Tank PvE Build & Guide

This build started off as a simple way to counter the expensive respec costs that exist in the game. The initial purpose of the build was to create a spec that was viable for both PvE tanking, foundry/questing solo play,

Marvel Heroes: Ms Marvel Skills Analysis

written by Harmonrova Hero Stats Durability: 6/7* Strength: 5/7* Fighting: 5/7* Speed: 6/7* Energy: 5/7* Intelligence: 3/7** Maximum stats from leveling only Ms Marvel is in trope terms a “lightning bruiser”. A heavy hitting, durable powerhouse who excels in speed,

Path of Exile: 6 Popular Templar Builds

The Templar class is perfect if you want to build a tanky mage or a melee elemental damage machine. Starting in between the Marauder and Witch in the passive skill tree, there’s plenty of different options for you to go

Path of Exile: Seven Popular Duelist Builds

Duelist tree builds range anywhere from a tank like two-handed characters to elemental bow rangers. The builds listed are just some of the most popular ones that players are using, therefore if you need a basic guideline on how to

Path of Exile: Marauder Melee Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a decent Marauder Melee Build? If you are a new player and don’t understand the game’s mechanics, and don’t know what’s needed in the game nor which skill are those coolest, then this guide is for

PlanetSide 2: Beginners guide to understanding & conquering

If you're reading this, you are either a beginner or a noob looking for some help understanding PlanetSide 2. So let's start with the basics. Some common strategies and tactics to keep in mind - since they are in play

World of Tanks: How to play, the quick easy method

If you're just getting started, then this is the noob guide to helping you slaughter your enemies. One of my favorite games to play online, is a game called World of Tanks. I have been playing this game on and

WoW: Top DPS Build for Brewmaster Monk

As a tanking class, Monks are THE top dps providing raid utility. This guide will teach you how to keep your raid alive, minimize damage taken and maximize dps. Brewmaster Monk Build

World of Tanks: Minimize damage while going down steep hills

While the terrain update was one of the best things to come about from Wargaming.net in regards to World of Tanks, the fact remains that it's easy to lose a track when going down a hill that's a bit too

World of Tanks: Why I like the new free tank T1E6

This is mostly an opinion piece, but in recent days, Wargaming.net gave away a free gold tier 2 light tank to all players, the T1E6. Now what I really like about this tank, isn't the tank itself, it's the fact

World of Tanks: My Little Pony Tank Mod

I don't actually use many mods for World of Tanks. I have found that one which shows icons, depicting what tier and tank type is usually all I need. I even prefer the standard sight's, since they show reload times

MechWarrior Online: First Impressions

So while I have had beta access for a few weeks now, I had yet to actually play Mechwarrior Online. I liken it to World of Tanks, but with Legs. My first game, went relatively ok, the hardest part was