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Free States for Turbo Tax – Life Hack

I decided to share a Free States for Turbo Tax Life Hack. Once in a while, we put up life hacks. These are hacks which you can use in life, which aren't necessarily computer related. This one is about making

Turbotax for Business and Individual tax year 2012

I have been using Turbotax for a good 15 years now, to do my taxes. No matter what H&R Block tells you in their commercials, it's not a better product. It's actually kind of interesting when you think about it.

California Proposition 19 – Legalization of Marijuana

I scanned in the mail ballot, along with my selection.  I haven't touched marijuana since 1996. I don't crave the substance, but I am pro legalization. For me, it means seeing a state get out of its financial hardship. For

All MMO: Texas, USA Residents to pay tax on subscription fees

As you most likely already know, I am owner of an account selling site, mmoaccountsales.com.  I recently received some emails from SOE, stating that something new is afoot in Texas.  It seems that Texas has decided to start taxing people's

Hey Americano’s it’s tax day…

I did my taxes back in February, but didnt do my California taxes till yesterday.  Got them mailed out yesterday.  I had to do 3 of them, and between the 3, we got an $8 refund from the state.  With