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PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo Play

This PUBG Easy Win Trick, is pretty simple and is for solo play only. It allows you to team up, when you aren't supposed to be able to, in solo play. Of course when you're doing this, its a good idea

Agar.io Team Play Lessons

Agar.io Team Play Lessons are a few things I learned, after we won. We, being the Blue team. First green went down, then, eventually red. And when red went down, I experimented a little bit. Really, this belongs on /r/ThatHappened simply because

Target Priority Guide – HotS

HotS - Murky

When it comes to Team Fighting, it's important to know as a team who your Target Priority should be. Of course it can all change in a moment, by what is happening when and which heroes you are running. Teams and comps

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy Guide

Use this Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy to increase your rank, by becoming more aware of things you need to not only watch out for, but of course address. I am not the best player, but I will tell you

FIFA14: Become a better player guide

FIFA14: Become a better player guide

I decided that I would write some of my top tips on how to improve your game as a player, thus I wrote this FIFA14: Become a better player guide. I have not lost any head to head matches yet. It takes

League of Legends: Complete Dominion Guide includes Counters

This guide will help explain how the current meta game of Dominion works, and provide insight into how we think the game will play in the foreseeable future. We include the best way to play each Champion and their respective

StarCraft 2: Masters 3v3 Video Guides

Team player games are not nearly as balanced as 1v1. The best strategies at least in the masters level involve cheesing due to the nature of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing team games, but if you

World of Tanks: Guide to Teamplay

So I decided to make this guide out of frustration as I’m sure many others have also had. One weak link in the team can cause everything to fall apart. This guide will help teach you what to look for.

World of Tanks: Teamplay Guide

Even a good scout is worthless if they dont have proper support from Medium and Heavy tanks, and Medium and Heavy tanks are worthless without a proper scout, and or support from SPGs if any are available. Which made me

League of Legends: Choosing the best build for your heroes

Rather then writing up a build and presenting it to you, I decided to share with you a way to see what the top builds are, from people like you, voting on them. This usually entails someone trying the build,

Starcraft 2: Zerg-Zerg 2v2 Cooperative Team Strategies

written by TeamLiquid Generally speaking when opponents see a ZZ team they will be expecting something ridiculously cheesy like a double 6 pool rush, which gives you the potential to play a more econ friendly build (14 Gas 14 Pool)

Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 3, Match 4 of 7

Here's Match 4 of 7 for Starcraft 2's Season 3 Gaming League's Finals. TSL_Rain (Terran) Vs. oGsMC (Protoss). Video courtesy of GomTV.net. We're starting to get down to the wire here, only 3 more matches after this. So far, these

Starcraft 2: Team Member Guide

Written by Shokz of Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide. Playing on an arranged team has its advantages compared to playing random team games. Your team is able to discuss strategies before games, and break down what you did wrong and

Starcraft: How to defend against Zergling rush tip

One annoying aspect of playing multiplayer games, is having your enemies rush you, and asking for help, often in vain, from your "team mate". If you are on the receiving end of a Zergling rush - or if you just