Mini Golf King Tips – Earn Better Rewards

Do you like miniature golf, and it's challenges? If might be time to check out these Mini Golf King Tips, if you're playing this app on your mobile device. I have to admit, at first, I was a bit miffed, until I figure out some of these secrets, and started climbing the ladder to earn better rewards.

Mini Golf King can be found on the Google Play Store & Apple iTunes.

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Mini Golf King Tips

Mini Golf King TipsSo the first of the Mini Golf King Tips I have for you, is pretty easy to understand - rank up. When you rank up, you will get better rewards. As you get better rewards, you will gain more effective equipment. Once you get better equipment, you win more often, netting coinage to level up your equipment.

So the next of my Mini Golf King Tips, is to join a team. I would like to suggest, you go with a higher level team which has minimum trophies to join. By choosing a team with 200 or more trophies or more needed, you are going to find more active players. The team master who started the team, can kick out inactive players but may not want to as large numbers tricks others into thinking its an active team. So joining a team with more active players, will net you more rewards, but a large empty team gives you nothing. If you want to join my team (Wild West) for example, you will need 200 trophies to join which means the players haven't jumped ship after a few days or a week of play.

The next one of my Mini Golf King Tips is to use English when you hit the ball. Using English is a Pool players term which means to hit the ball so that it spins one way or another. These can allow you to set up your next shot in pool, or in miniature golf, to counteract wind. Usually, this is forward to make the ball go further, backwards to make it go shorter, and right or left to make it curve. The wind effect is more drastic when you hit the ball in the air, so effects are more pronounced with a sand wedge like the Soccer wedge or a Driver.

Our next Mini Golf King Tips, is when you need gems, to play on stage 1. By playing on stage 1, you don't lose as much, you don't win as much, and you won't be afraid to lose, so you can pick up more gems. For example on a normal game, 2k gems is great. But since I didn't care, I took extra shots and nabbed 8k, and purposely lost so I could get more gems in the end. Getting gems, will in turn reward you with a big bonus chest, and if you are on a team, it gives you a team bonus chest. For teams, gem farming is worth more than trophies - once you are on a team anyways.

And our final tip in this Mini Golf Tips is a doozy. Lose. After you have ranked up, it becomes harder and harder to win, let alone find players. So by losing, we get more players and we win more with better equipment, meaning we can also win better chests.

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PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo Play

PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo PlayThis PUBG Easy Win Trick, is pretty simple and is for solo play only. It allows you to team up, when you aren't supposed to be able to, in solo play. Of course when you're doing this, its a good idea to lose once in a while, otherwise someone might notice that you and a buddy always seem to get in the top 5, and report as being suspicious. 

You can only get reported for this PUBG Easy Win Trick, there is no way to prove you're doing it on purpose. It's just coincidence, amirite? But it can be a bannable offense. Just taking some basic precautionary tactics will ensure that you are kept safe. You've been warned.

PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo Play

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

If you manage to get this PUBG Easy Win Trick to work, leave a reply. We like to hear success stories. Team Play Lessons Team Play Lessons are a few things I learned, after we won. We, being the Blue team. First green went down, then, eventually red. And when red went down, I experimented a little bit. Really, this belongs on /r/ThatHappened simply because who would believe on that Team Play can ever be won, am I right? Team Play Lessons Team Play LessonsSo after we won, I did a couple experiments. Here's what I learned... 

First off, have you ever seen the Chinese and Koreans late at night, dominating the non-team games? Usually, they like to play on normal or even on experimental. When they play, all the Asians tend to team up, and kick some booty, sharing the "loot", as it were.

Well one of the things I learned, which falls under Team Play Lessons, is that when you see a virus being eaten (spikey green ball), that the Asians aren't actually cheating. I had assumed they were using a hack of some sort. As it is, this was an incorrect assumption on my part. In fact, when you split, and force one side into a virus, that the other side of your split halves, can then eat the viruses, as long as the first half is still in multiple small cells. But the moment that the cells start to merge into a greater whole, then you can no longer eat the viruses.

The next thing I learned with Team Play Lessons, is that splitting multiple times will cause you to lose mass. I don't know where it goes, but I do know that as you divide into multiple cells - often used to speed away from being eaten, you will also decrease your total size.

Now I have one final portion to these Team Play Lessons. If your side does win, then you can wait out the time to have more people added to your game. It will probably take about 5-10 minutes, but eventually, you will have a full playing board again. So use your time wisely, and collect more pods to grow in size, while avoiding splitting and eating viruses (which causes you to split), and losing mass.

... and yes, if you see Splix out there, that might be me (at least until someone else starts using the name too).

While I am sharing these Team Play Lessons, let me also share a couple things I do differently... I turn off skins so all I see is colors. I prefer a dark background so I can see all my enemies more clearly. Finally, I set my own skin to one of the easier to obtain skins, so that other users will believe that I am inexperienced.

Target Priority Guide – HotS

When it comes to Team Fighting, it's important to know as a team who your Target Priority should be. Of course it can all change in a moment, by what is happening when and which heroes you are running. Teams and comps will of course have their own individualized strategies. This Target Priority Guide is meant to be a guideline, and is based on my own experience with the Heroes I play. Continue reading "Target Priority Guide – HotS"

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Basic StrategyUse this Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy to increase your rank, by becoming more aware of things you need to not only watch out for, but of course address. I am not the best player, but I will tell you some mistakes I see many rank 10-50 players doing fairly often. Understanding and overcoming them, will help you and your team to win more often. Continue reading "Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy"

FIFA14: Become a better player guide

I decided that I would write some of my top tips on how to improve your game as a player, thus I wrote this FIFA14: Become a better player guide. FIFA14: Become a better player guideI have not lost any head to head matches yet. It takes quite a bit of knowledge to be a good player on FIFA 14.  These little FIFA14: Become a better player secrets you may not have known will assist you in becoming the beast of a player that you know you should be.

written by Mitchell Awbery

FIFA14: Become a better player guide

First things first, the only way to truly succeed is to score goals, simple enough. However, many people take this to mean constantly try and score with every touch, and this is the wrong way to view the game. The other main focus is preventing the opponent from scoring, and both of these things can be assisted with the increase in possession. If you control the game, and keep your opponent constantly on the move, they will not only get frustrated, but also possibly tire their players out. Watch a team like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and they all play the possession game. Why? Because it works! The opponent cannot score if you have the ball (Unless you run it into your own net, but then that makes you an idiot!) and that is the premise for this first tip.

Here are a few bullet points to increase the chances of maintaining possession

  • Do not always look for a forward pass - the ball can go backwards too you know!
  • If your struggling with possession, try playing with five in midfield, the extra player will overload the middle third, and make keeping possession much much easier.
  • Choose a team with a high passing stat in midfield - Possession is not reliant on pace, and therefore most players do not like to use it. Choose a team such as Barcelona, and play their Tika Taka style of football.

Looking for more? Read the full guide here...


League of Legends: Complete Dominion Guide includes Counters


This guide will help explain how the current meta game of Dominion works, and provide insight into how we think the game will play in the foreseeable future. We include the best way to play each Champion and their respective counters. Continue reading "League of Legends: Complete Dominion Guide includes Counters"

StarCraft 2: Masters 3v3 Video Guides

Team player games are not nearly as balanced as 1v1. The best strategies at least in the masters level involve cheesing due to the nature of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE playing team games, but if you are looking for advanced strategies, the best I can give is these 3 Mastery videos, and let you know to try different things till you find something that works best for you - if you don't want to cheese. Continue reading "StarCraft 2: Masters 3v3 Video Guides"

World of Tanks: Guide to Teamplay

So I decided to make this guide out of frustration as I’m sure many others have also had. One weak link in the team can cause everything to fall apart. This guide will help teach you what to look for. How to be aware of the situation around you. Using your tanks effectively, and how to work as a team. If all is said and done and you still lose, at least you know its not your fault of having poor judgment or lack of communication. Continue reading "World of Tanks: Guide to Teamplay"

World of Tanks: Teamplay Guide

Even a good scout is worthless if they dont have proper support from Medium and Heavy tanks, and Medium and Heavy tanks are worthless without a proper scout, and or support from SPGs if any are available. Which made me realize, 1 weak link in the team can cause everything to fall apart. This guide will help teach you what to look for. How to be aware of the situation around you.

This post is about using your tanks effectively, and how to work as a team. If you pay heed to this guide, and you still lose, at least you know its not your fault of having poor judgment or lack of communication. Continue reading "World of Tanks: Teamplay Guide"

League of Legends: Choosing the best build for your heroes

Rather then writing up a build and presenting it to you, I decided to share with you a way to see what the top builds are, from people like you, voting on them. This usually entails someone trying the build, rather then just blindly voting, so you are almost always guaranteed to have the best possible build. Don't be scared to experiment with a different build however. Sometimes the builds that the most players use, aren't the best builds for your play style. Continue reading "League of Legends: Choosing the best build for your heroes"

Starcraft 2: Zerg-Zerg 2v2 Cooperative Team Strategies

written by TeamLiquid

Generally speaking when opponents see a ZZ team they will be expecting something ridiculously cheesy like a double 6 pool rush, which gives you the potential to play a more econ friendly build (14 Gas 14 Pool) and force the game into the later stages with a tech advantage. If one of you 10 pools/overpools and the other 14 pools your lings will be out early enough that if you do scout early aggression you can fend it off rather easily, in the event you get double double gated by a PP team or reaper rushed. Assuming you do play a conservative 14 pool, and your opponents cheese, the longer the game goes the better off you'll be. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: Zerg-Zerg 2v2 Cooperative Team Strategies"

Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 3, Match 4 of 7

Here's Match 4 of 7 for Starcraft 2's Season 3 Gaming League's Finals. TSL_Rain (Terran) Vs. oGsMC (Protoss). Video courtesy of

We're starting to get down to the wire here, only 3 more matches after this. So far, these matches have been a real eye opener. We have seen some rush strategies on both sides, and even seen some killer microing. This is the way Starcraft 2 is meant to be played. If you want to pick up more strategies, be sure to keep checking back here for more replays, and we also recommend you check out this SC2 Guide.

For those of you who haven't watched the previous Season 1 and Season 2 Finals videos, I suggest you also go back and watch those, here on mmoexploiters. Watching what others do in diamond leagues, can help you improve your game as well.

Continue reading "Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 3, Match 4 of 7"

Starcraft 2: Team Member Guide

Written by Shokz of Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide.

Playing on an arranged team has its advantages compared to playing random team games. Your team is able to discuss strategies before games, and break down what you did wrong and right after each game to improve your play.  Playing with teammates takes the control out of your hands and makes your rely on your team adding a degree of difficulty compared to 1v1, although knowing how to work together will give you the edge over other teams and help you be victorious. Continue reading "Starcraft 2: Team Member Guide"

Starcraft: How to defend against Zergling rush tip

One annoying aspect of playing multiplayer games, is having your enemies rush you, and asking for help, often in vain, from your "team mate".

If you are on the receiving end of a Zergling rush - or if you just want to be safe, in case you expect one, throw down a fast spawning pool and then make a creep colony -> sunken colony. It should hold off the initial rush no problem.

If it's a double zergling rush, try to get 2 sunken colonies up asap, or build 1 sunken and a couple lings. Worst comes to worst, you got 1 sunken and you pull your workers off the mineral line to fight.

credit to ArcaneKnite for this tip