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Rift: Easy Artifact Hunting via the Auction House tip

all credit to Pathogen for this find If you are an artifact hunter, one that likes to complete the sets via any means possible, then this useful shortcut will come in handy to help you complete them quickly. It's a

Rift: Warrior Skull Helm

Have you seen the skull helm? Or maybe you just want one to intimidate your enemies in PvP? As it turns out, there is one in the game. Unfortunately, it's from a rare mob, which means you will either have

Rift: So you’ve decided to switch servers…

As we all know, free server transfers are going live on Wednesday, June 22. Supposedly there will be an option to change servers in-game. So which server do you goto? Do you just ask a buddy which server he's on,

Rift: Defiant Leveling Cheat 45-50 Fast & Loot Farming spot

This is a cheat for Defiants, which will allow you to farm mobs and actually be healed over and over, making it impossible to die. It's a good way to farm loot/plat and even experience. It's a level 47 quest,

Rift Fathers Day Specials

After getting an email from trion I googled Rift Fathers day special and found: https://www.riftgame.com/en/products/?affiliateId=googna10010&gclid=CNrYk5-uvakCFZQbKgodpiYKfg This is the open special but not the offer I received which was https://www.riftgame.com/en/products/trial-upgrade.php?utm_campaign=fathers_day_sale_062011&utm_medium=email&utm_source=promotions_us&utm_content=buy_now_button there are no codes to enter so don't know if the

Rift: Cheap Easy Runecrafting mats

If you've started to level Runecrafting, then you might have begun to realize that it's super expensive. Expensive if you get either your items to runebreak off the AH or even the mats themselves off the AH that is. Well, that's

Rift: Anti-AFK, no macro, no game hacks

This is a neat little trick which will allow you to go afk, for extended periods of time, without worrying about getting logged off. It works for any class, and is considered a trick, not anything which could cause you

Rift: Solo Elites with a Mage

To solo an elite you either need a lot of survivability, or a pet that has a lot of survivability. I prefer the latter. The Elementalist's Greater Earth Elemental is the best pet tank a mage can get. The Earth

Rift: Stormcaller Survival Guide

This is an in depth look at Static Discharge.The 1.2 patch had the following change in the patch notes: Static Discharge: Fixed an issue causing the damage portion to retain the effect of buffs that were active when the ability was cast

Rift: Level up AFK

This is an innovative way to level, without actually doing anything. You will need to set some kind of afk script, which can easily be done with any macro script like AutoIt. But other then that... nothing. Go afk, watch

Rift: OP Chloromancer Warlock Mage PvP Build

The point of this Chloromancer / Warlock build is to do mediocre burst damage, with high sustained damage over time, high healing, as well as survivability. While it is well known that Necromancer / Warlock is the best PVE build

Rift: How to Play Rift on your Mac with Bootcamp Hack Guide

Trion, maker of the hit game Rift, has no plans to make a Mac OS version of the game, in the near future. However, There is a solution! Read this guide to learn how to play Rift on a Mac

Rift: Speedhack C++ Source Code example

All credit to original author class CGame;<br> class CEntity;<br> class CEntityStats;<br> <br> class CGame<br> {<br> public:<br> inline CEntity* GetLocalEntity( void ) { return m_lpcLocalEntity; }<br> <br> private:<br> /* 0x0000 */ BYTE _000[ 0x17C ];<br> /* 0x017C */ CEntity* m_lpcLocalEntity;<br> };<br>

Rift: Macro Guide and Commands

A macro in the context of video games refers to a set of instructions that can be issued together with one input or “hotkey.” Rift supports macroing via an in-game menu. Opening that menu brings up a panel with a

Rift: Artifact Concentrated Hotspots

The thing about Rift artifact hunting which makes it so interesting, is that after a while, you will notice that certain areas seem to spawn more artifacts. This is partly true. What happens, is that the harder to find artifacts,

D2D 50% off Rift ends in 24 hours

I got this offer 10 pm est 6/3/2011: Please make an account using this link (RAF). Then buy your key from Direct2Drive for $25. I don't know if this is a good deal or not, but y'all talk a lot

DC Comics Presents Rift, Chapters 1-3

All comics are in jpeg format. Use winrar or unrar to decompress.

Rift: Leveling Exploit – 5k xp every 3 seconds

I found a leveling exploit, which will allow you to gain around 5k experience, every 3 seconds. This is great for low levels. Even better for a high level, wanting to level an alt.

Rift: High Kill Count with 31 point Assassin, in PvP

I happened to recently be playing around with my warrior in PvP, when I came up with a way to get a high kill count, without actually engaging the enemy that much. Only problem is, you need a rogue to

Rift Question – PvP Favor – I need your help

Hey guys, this time, I need your help. I just do not understand how I managed to get the top amount of favor in a match. I understand the basics, get as many kills/damaging attacks on others, pick up a

Rift: Apothecary’s trick – Don’t Make Potions for Daily Quest

It's annoying to know that you have to waste herbs on potions which you could sell or use, to give away for daily quests. Worse yet, the cost to buy the herbs is usually costly, sometimes VERY costly. There is