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TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

In order to use this TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition - you MUST have the Special Edition running on a Windows PC computer. This will not work with any other versions, including the non-special edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Remove Invisible Barriers – Tera Online

If you want to Remove Invisible Barriers & walls in Tera, its a simple edits, and you are ready to go. Surprisingly this is all a client side edit, which will remove all the invisible barriers in the game. Once you get

Zura’s LazyBot Crack – Free Download – Tera Online

Zura's LazyBot Crack for the game Tera Online will give you unlimited time to use their bot, with no monthly/yearly fees. You will first need to download and install Zura's LazyBot for Tera Online, then apply the crack, and finally open

Tera Leveling Guide PDF Download

Tera Leveling Guide

Tera Online, originally came out back in May 2012 in the US, and since then there have been no Tera Leveling Guide which has been updated. In fact, most of the guide writers did what we call a hit and

Tera: Southern Arun Vistas, Southern, & Northern Shara Vistas

A guide with all the climbing points you need to find and climb for the following Vista Achievements; Southern Arun Vistas, Southern Shara Vistas, and Northern Shara Vistas in Tera Online. WARNING: IMAGE Intensive. Each image is clickable so you

Tera Online: How to make 2700-3300 gold a day at level 60

Let's set aside for a moment, that you want to support the RMT industry, by purchasing their gold.The methods listed here, will teach you how to make gold in Tera, as a level 60 in-game, without the use of bots,

TERA Online: Guide to Campfires

written by Grooguz You wouldn't think that a campfire could be an integral part of a game, but in Tera Online, it is. They are mostly used in the out-of-combat experience of the game. There are campfires all around the world

TERA Online: New Mount and Watermelon Pet Guide

witten by Revered Originally written and completed on the Korean server KTera, this guide has been translated to English and tested for you to verify it works. This guide will teach you how to get the new green raptor mount,

Tera Online: Level AFK with simple tool 23-35

There is a remote spot out in Poporia which will allow you to kill and loot a couple mobs repeatedly, without getting hurt. The mobs themselves are level 26, so you will be limited in the level range you can

Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

Full Downloads: Argon's Leveling Guide • Eleos Leveling Guide • Velik's Tera Leveling Guide This isn't a cheat, just something you can get, if you missed this quest chain because you were botting, or wanted to level faster. At level

Tera: 20 vs 20 Battleground preview and tactics

Domeron is at it again, this time to preview the new 20v20 Battlegrounds on K-Tera. He goes over the tactics for both attacking and defending, as well as some awesome tricks to winning.

Tera Online: Alliance Patch – Video Preview

The Alliance Patch has already been released on KTera (Korean servers), and this is a preview from those servers. The Alliance Patch adds 3 alliances into the game, and you can only be a part of 1 of them, choose

Tera Online: Free glyph reset, save on gold

I am not sure if this is intended or if it's a bug, however you can change your glyph's for free in Tera Online without using a glyph toggle, which in turn saves you about 15 gold each time you

Tera Online: Ultimate Berzerker Class Guide

In Tera Online the berzerker class is a powerful burst damage dealing DPS class that has the ability to block attacks using his axe as a shield. The berzerker class or zerker for short is known as a PVE hero,

Tera: Beginner Enchanting – Enigmatic and Masterwork Guide

A beginners enchanting guide along with an Enigmatic and Masterwork guide for Tera Online. Learn how to improve your items with crafting, take the guesswork out of these professions.

Tera Online: PvP Changes for all Classes

Since Tera has gone Free-2-Play, they have decided to make the EU and US versions of the game fall into step with the Korean version. Recent changes have included many changes to each class in PvP. Now you could read

Tera: Gearing up at level 60 Guide

With the overflow of new players in Tera Online some coming back because of it going F2P, some just not really being sure what to do next, one question most people ask is what to do for gear at level

Tera Online Going Free-2-Play, read about the changes!

If you haven't played Tera Online in a while, then you might be surprised to hear that Tera is going Free-2-Play as of Feb 5th, 2013 (today). But everything is not going to be a bed of roses. Instead, watch

Tera: Gearing up for Battlegrounds

Domeran decides it's time to start gearing up via battlegrounds. We get to watch him get annihilated over and over, till finally he can afford to purchase gears. WARNING: Many gummi bears died in the making of this video. If

Tera Online: PvP Zerker – Stun equals 1 shot

When you buff and have a healer or two running with you, then a group of zerkers kick the crap out of enemies in PvP. Here's a video showing this party in action.

Tera Online: How to win every Battleground

This is Domeran's guide to winning Tera's new Battlegrounds PvP matches, each and every time. While you might think this isn't possible, it actually is, if you just follow some simple rules of combat.