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Darkfall Online (DFO): Minotaur King terrain exploit

You must use the same type of tower as in the Cairn Giant post. My advice is look at the Giant tower, then compare it to the buildings in the minotaur king spawn. (It is the North West corner tower)

Darkfall Online (DFO): Sand Scarab exploit

This spot is a spawn of Sand Scarabs that can be easily killed by perching them in their own spawn, and sometimes they bug themselves out. What to look for: There are numerous building remains all over the place. On

WoW: Get on top of Lumbermill in Arathi Basin

This is a really simple trick, which will help you to get a ranged character/healer up on top of the Arathi Basin Lumbermill. All you need to do is jump on the saw inside the Lumbermill, and keep jumping forward

Darkfall Online (DFO): Cairn Giant terrain exploit

This spot is a spawn of 2-4 Cairn Giants that spawn around a 4 story tower/building that can be killed rather fast/safe. It's also a great way to level up some of your skills. How it works: A) Gain aggro

Darkfall Online (DFO): Frostwalker glitch

This spot is a spawn of 4 Frostwalkers that bug themselves out and allow you to level your skills on them. How it works: 4 Frost walkers will spawn up in a tree Train skills Notes: Sometimes they fall out

Darkfall Online (DFO): Menhir Stoneguard melee trick

Menhir Stoneguards, Near the dungeon west of sandstone hamlet. can easily be soloed, without receiving much damage, by using this little known trick which keeps you just out of their reach. Try to pull the mob one at a time

DarkFall Online: Cairn Giant easy kill exploit

This spot is a spawn of 2-4 Cairn Giants that spawn around a 4 story tower that can be killed rather fast and safely. This may take a little practice to get it to work right, but it's a great

Darkfall Online: Trap a mob, then use to increase skills easily

You can melee this mob which you can get stuck, for great gains or stand a distance and debuff or whatever with magic.  Great way to raise your skills unchallenged. Note: This spot is nerfed (thanks readers). Use at your

Darkfall Online: Killing Mobs with Terrain exploit

This terrain exploit will allow you to easily farm gold on your server and easily level your ranged skills.