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Neverwinter: Control Wizard Thaumaturge Endgame Build & Guide

Some Powers are clearly overpowered and some next to useless. I’ve respecced several times to try different builds, and found one that clearly tops all the others in terms of damage. Here’s a breakdown of my findings and views on

Final Fantasy XIV: Thaumaturge Leveling Guide

Thaumaturge: Disciple of Magic. By enfeebling enemies and enhancing allies, thaumaturgy can prove to be an invaluable asset, particularly in battles of attrition. Introduction I started creating this guide many months ago and it was originally created in April 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Guide Gladiator/Thaumaturge Build

written by INikocles, Information by FFXIVCore Forum Members, Contributors Listed at Bottom Hey fellow swordsmen, I'm here to to tell you about the ever popular Gladiator build that incorporates mainly Thaumaturge magics. I've been playing XIV since Open Beta, and

FFXIV: Macro Guide, and sample scripts

FFXIV's Macro System is like FFXI's Macro System. When you set macros and use reasonably, playing FFXIV will be more efficient. You will have fun when you master the macro settings. Basic information for FFXIV Macros The macro binding CTRL and