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Origin Store half price exploit

For this to work, you will need a VPN with different country IPs. I recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN!, since it offers a ton of IPs. You will need to connect to both your Origin account, as well as the country,

The Secret World Support Build & Guide

The Secret World Support Build idea As I gear up to run NM beyond 18/18, I was looking at conventional group makeup and how it might be enhanced. In examining typical group mechanics, some things became evident: Stacking all of your

TSW Over Powered Regeneration Build & Guide

Often people try healing builds out only to realize the benefit of a passive that heals you 20, 30, or 40 HP/second is inconsequential past very early content. Theydon't want to  lock out a passive slot that could be used

The Secret World: Noob Guide to PVP

PvP allows players to test their mettle and skills against other live players. Every fight against them becomes a unique experience that will change every time they fight. Even if you play the same player 50 times, each of those 50

The Secret World: Signet Farming Guide

This is a more effective way, to farm lower level signets. This is done at Kingsmouth by the Airport. Because of this, make sure you can handle the mobs in this area, before you attempt to use this method of

The Secret World: Subscription Optional model (F2P)

  In a move, much like Guild Wars 2, The Secret World will now have a optional subscription to the game. This means that to access most of the content, you can purchase the game and play for free. Periodically

Secret World: Fist/Shotgun healing build for Nightmare Runs

I just realized, I haven't put up any builds in a while for Secret World, so will try to rectify that a little bit. Con’s Fist/Shotgun healing build This build is very useful for nightmare runs like Polaris or others

The Secret World: Changes are coming, revitalization?

Funcom have not had the best of luck with their latest MMO release, The Secret World, but their continuing to try new things to improve the games image among the MMO community. Suffering a pretty dreadful launch, followed by a

The Secret World: Assault Rifle/Shotgun Nightmare DPS Build

WEAPONS: Assault Rifle/ShotgunDetails: This is a AR/Shotgun build for Nightmare DPS It is a simple rotation and build and also one of the highest if not the highest dps build in the game.

The Secret World: Unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels

In the secret world, the hero must unlock the Illuminati Tunnels in tier 8 of the main mission in Kingsmouth and the Savage Coast. Before unlocking the Illuminati Tunnels, the hero must complete tier 6 of the mission, and follow

The Secret World: Battleground Guide

TSW Battleground Guide To get started let me show you how to even bring up the PvP window and how to enter a PvP game. In the upper right hand side of your screen, where the minimap is you will

TSW: New Content, New Event – Anniversary Celebration

It's an exciting time for The Secret World players, as new content is being released as well as freebies! In this case it's in the form of Fireworks. While it's always fun to set these babies off, we recommend holding

TSW: Combat Log Parser

Ever wanted to know what you were doing in terms of damage or healing against a mob, when you are hunting in a group? Who does the most damage, who does the least, and just how much DPS you're actually

TSW: Secret World Officially Launches today

With the official release today of TSW, we can expect lag and a ton more people asking questions about the game. We have tried to answer the basics for you through a few posts. Please refer to these if you

The Secret World: Common Questions Answered

While it doesn't seem that you can add more bars in the game for abilities, you might also notice that it's not possible to add pots (potions) such as health regen to the bars either. There is how ever a

TSW: How to Claim pre-order items

While the store is currently down due to the high amounts of traffic, this will teach you how to claim your pre-order items which came with your purchase, such as the cat or T-Shirts, etc. To Claim pre-order items: Select

The Secret World: Info Sheet & Important Links

Information compiled by Tom Riddle The Secret World Game Synopsis Game synopsis from:http://www.ign.com/games/the-secret-world/pc-905880http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_Worldhttp://www.secretworldwiki.com/The_Secret_World_Wiki A massively multiplayer online role–playing game, The Secret World takes place on our earth, in our times, and yet is a tale of mythology and ancient mysteries. For there

Secret World Release Date Announced

Not only has The Secret World announced a release date, but Amazon, has announced what they will be giving away for those who pre-order. The release date has been announced as being June 19th, 2012. The bonuses for The Secret

About The Secret World + Pre-Launch game

TSW stands for The Secret World. It is a new MMO developed by Funcom (creators of Age of Conan, Dreamfall, etc), and it has been in development for roughly 5 years. It is scheduled to be released in early June

Secret World: New Dragon Faction Video

Check out this new video from The Secret World, Funcom's upcoming modern-day(ish) massively multiplayer online game where you can be whoever you want to be, play how ever you want to play, and never have to worry about leveling up