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ilvl Raising Quick Tip – WoW

Here is a really Quick ilvl Raising Tip, for anyone who is a newly leveled 100, and needs a high level item to start raising their ilvl to either join raids, pugs, or even for better pvp gear ratings in World

MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide


This is just a MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide. You see this is one of the games that we like to play. When we aren't PVPing, leveling, or raiding in other games, we like to earn comps to Las Vegas for trips,

FarmVille 2: Tell Neighbors What You Need trick

We know that in FV2, your neighbors act like farmhands – they work the SQUARE your neighbor clicks on – not what’s on it. So you can get tens or hundreds of 24-hour crops (carrots, sunflowers, strawberries) in MINUTES using

LOL: 50+ Tips To Become A Better ADC

Here are over 50 tips, which will help you to learn to be a better ADC in League of Legends. These were written by a Diamond League player specifically to help those below him. Questions, comments, and additional tips are

Rift: Always get on the winning side in Conquest exploit

This PvP exploit will allow you to always get on the winning side during conquest. It's an exploit, but very effective for farming Marks, Prestige, and Favor.

Marvel Heroes: Hulk Basic Tips

I started this post not to make a guide, but to create a community effort to gather information and probably create a better guide later on, but for now i’ll just share my experience as a Hulk player so far. Just to clarify

Rift: Auction House Listing Tip

Are you having trouble listing items on the Auction House, even though you have more then enough supposed loyalty to list items? They say you need 1500 Loyalty. I ran into this problem, with my 130k loyalty. Couldn't list any

Zynga: What’s the Phrase strategies & cheats

What's the Phrase is a play on the Wheel of Fortune TV Show. Unfortunately for Zynga, I am a true exploiter and have learned 4 cheats and 5 strategies which help you to win the game almost every time, wrecking

Battle Pirates: Updated Beginners Tips and Tricks

Since Battle Pirates first began, there have been many many updates to the game. This has rapidly changed the way the game should now be played, and it changes the advice I originally wrote for Battle Pirates, when I played

Neverwinter: PvP Tips for Great Weapon Fighter

This is just a quick tip for Great Weapon Fighter's who like to do PvP. It has to do with Altar's and praying, and can help to decide who wins the battle. Remember in PvP you can drop your altars

Neverwinter: Level your professions AFK

First off, let's start with a tip. It might be common knowledge already, but if it isn't then you get the info now. If you mail or sell your first asset, you get the option to make an "emergency" that

Neverwinter: Ninja Looting Tip

Neverwinter had their soft launch on April 30th, which means you can now play Neverwinter for free, and there aren't likely to be any roll backs. This is a time for you to get a feel for the game, to

WoW: Exploration trick in 5.2 for Shaman & Rogue team

This method requires a Rouge and a Shaman to do. It will allow you to explore and go ANYWHERE in a 25 yard radius from where you start, including climbing walls and mountains which you wouldn't otherwise be able to

Rift: Leveling Tips 1-60

I am writing this, because this came up with my leveling crew. They thought that leveling 50-60, was like leveling 1-50 in Rift. It's not. In fact, leveling 50-60 has to be done in a different manner then leveling 1-50.

Neverwinter: Beta Tips for new players

written by streethawke These tips might help you out in your starting out as an adventurer in Faerun! Welcome to Neverwinter! This guide was written for both new and old players in mind.

Defiance: Faster Leveling Combat Tips

Today we are going to give you some general combat tips that will feature skills that are easy to implement in the game but will allow you to progress a lot faster as well. Apart from picking your weapons, EGO

Ragnarok Online 2: Feral Barbaro Guide

written by xKirai It’s been weeks into AoD (Abaddon of Despair) and many of you have yet to experience how AoD is like so I’d like to share a little with you before you start your next chapter in AoD.

COD – MW3: Fastest way to rank up

Today we are going to teach you the technique to ranking up fairly quickly and easily. This is something that I have been doing lately, so I could have that generic plus 11+prestige emblem. So lets get to the strategy.

Defiance: Vehicle Tips

Here are some tips which can help you win Arkfall races, help you with your travel times, and even help you to get to the top of the mountain. Learn these tips to learn more about your game play.

Defiance: Beginner’s Leveling Tip – It’s All about your Ego

So getting started right away if you want to make REALLY fast progress we would say don't worry too much about anything else other than getting your EGO rating up. This is like the main leveling component of the game

Guide: How to Prepare for a long Gaming Session or game release

As many of you know, Defiance is set to officially release tomorrow. As such, you might want to prepare a bit. By prepare, I mean get the items you will need to have at hand to do a long game