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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

No Man’s Sky Hints & Tips to get you started

I've been playing No Man's Sky for a bit now, and wanted to share with you these No Man's Sky Hints & Tips which have helped me to succeed (thus far) in the game. These are only 8 tips to get you

Temple of Anubis Map – Overwatch Guide

This Overwatch Guide is for the Temple of Anubis Map. It's meant to give you a deep level awareness of the game, so that you know your surroundings and are able to use this new found awareness to dominate your

The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone

These The Division Beginner Tips to The Dark Zone should help to instruct you on some basics of survival into the Dark Zone. It's not a catch all group of tips, but is intended to help those who are not yet

Agar.io Tactics – Beginner and Intermediate tips

After playing Agario for just a few hours, I have come up with some fun Agar.io Tactics. Have you tried Agar.io yet? There are similar games to Agar.io, in that you try to eat up smaller organisms, to become larger, and eventually

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data – SWU

After playing this game on my Android, and answering countless questions while leveling, I decided to create a Tips, Tricks, Useful Data Quick Reference Guide for the finer points of SWU. It will give you an edge up while upgrading,

Wildstar Player Tips

With Wildstar going Free-2-play tomorrow, we figured some Wildstar Player Tips might be something that many of you might be interested in. Obviously, these tips aren't for everyone, and some of them might seem obvious. Most likely you are going to

Brightwing Tips & Tricks – HotS

With over 700 games on Brightwing, it's time we took a look and offered you some Brightwing Tips & Tricks. Brightwing has undergone some changes since being first introduced, but she's still a strong champion, for those who want to learn

World of Warships New Player Tips

World of Warships

Since there has been a massive influx of new players in recent months, it's time to get some World of Warships New Player Tips. These New Player Tips, will make it so that you can (after having read this guide), jump

Archeage New Players Tips

Here is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful.

Steps of Faith Trial Guide – FFXIV:ARR

Yesterday saw the launch of FFXIV's A Realm Reborn story line, and with it came the Steps of Faith trial. In this Steps of Faith trial Guide, we'll cover the easiest way to clear this trial. This Steps of Faith

Destiny Leveling Guide

Destiny Leveling Guide

A basic Destiny Leveling Guide to get you started to playing and leveling up in Destiny. This is a broad guide, no pictures, and very limited in it's scope, but you will know where to go and what to fight

Free Minecraft eBook

All in One Minecraft Players Guide

It's not everyday you can get a Free Minecraft eBook , which is not only free but new as well. This Free Minecraft eBook, was released on July 17, 2014 so you can be sure it has the latest content, unlike some

MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide


This is just a MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide. You see this is one of the games that we like to play. When we aren't PVPing, leveling, or raiding in other games, we like to earn comps to Las Vegas for trips,

FFXIV: Misc Tips for Earning Gil

Hopefully you have read our other articles already on earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. If not, you can click on one of the following links to take you there; Levequests, Dungeons and Guildhests, Tradeskills, Fates, Strategy – Playing the market,

FFXIV: How to make Gil with Levequests

I consider levequests to be a lot of fun. Not only do they offer a variety of missions, but it's a great opportunity to earn gil and items to sell on the market. Here's how:

LOL: 50+ Tips To Become A Better ADC

Here are over 50 tips, which will help you to learn to be a better ADC in League of Legends. These were written by a Diamond League player specifically to help those below him. Questions, comments, and additional tips are

Rift: Leveling 50-60 Made Easier

Lets be honest here. Leveling 1-50 is so easy, a kid can do it in record time. How? Instant Adventure. Of course you can level via PvP, but it's slower to do. Instant adventure is the fastest way to level...

LOL: Essential Tips to Win More League of Legends Games

Sadly, there is no single thing you can do to guarantee a win. League of Legends is a team game with the outcome determined by 10 players. But what you do influences the other nine players on Summoner’s Rift. If

Candy Crush Saga: Strategy Guide

Candy Crush Saga isn't the same match-3 puzzle game, similar to all the other games out there, like Bejeweled. Instead, it is a strategy player’s game. While the goal is very similar to other gem-matching games, it forces players to

Marvel Heroes: Hulk Basic Tips

I started this post not to make a guide, but to create a community effort to gather information and probably create a better guide later on, but for now i’ll just share my experience as a Hulk player so far. Just to clarify

Marvel Heroes: Large Compilation of Various tips & tricks

Everyone has their own tips, and these are just some of the ones collected all over the net for Marvel Heroes, and cover just about any subject within the game. WARNING! This is a LOT of tips. Clicking the link

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