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Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore Maps

Titanium Loot

Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore is a simple matter of right clicking and looting. Be forewarned of the Titanium Monster that looks like a Titanium vein. Thus far, we have noted that Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore tends to spawn in the

WoW: Sarsonite Farming Tips & Route Map

Here's a route and some tricks to getting the Sarsonite from farming, even though there may be competition in the area.  I have been leveling my blacksmithing, and found I needed some 882 Sarsonite ore's.  Now being the frugal kinda

WoW: Prospecting Spreadsheet

From the desk of Warcraftecon, comes their latest updated spreadsheet, to help you in your prospecting farming. I have gone ahead and made the necessary adjustments, saved and re-uploaded them here, for your use.