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LOTRO: Easy Festival Token Farming exploit

There is currently a bug with the festival races which allows you to easily farm festival tokens. This bug is somewhat common knowledge and will likely get fixed soon. (2)

World of Warcraft: Futures Jewelcrafting Gold Tip

written by Mageshadow Let’s talk about the future today; Pyrite Ore. Well all know what happened in Wrath of the Lich King, Epic gems became obtainable from Titanium Ore in the patch 3.2, the people who had titanium ore stockpiled

Lotro Lookout: The SUPER edition

Looks like this will be a SUPER weekend at Lotro, most of the extras seem to be as a payback/compensation for the Sunday January 30, 2011 downtime and the rollback that the fix entailed… Found some info, laughs, and an

Runes of Magic: Easiest Daily Quests, Fast 100 Phirius Token Coins

The easiest by far, Phirius Token Coin farming can be done within a few minutes. Since the quest is a dropped item, we can farm not just todays quests, but also tomorrows )or the whole week) at the same time.

Lotro FYI -> Tokens

If you are not logging in much, this FYI is for you. The Tokens will stop dropping on June 30th, 2010, and the npc barterers will be gone after July 7, 2010. So, clean up your bags! (5)

AoC: Get Rare tokens for armor quickly

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Lotro Update another $9.99 offer for all 3 expansions

LOTRO + 3 expansions, $9.99 I did not try and purchase, from those that did this IS for NEW subscribers only If you never tried Lotro this looks like a way to get all the expansions via a digital download


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