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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Rehash EXE Game Hacks – Change its Signature

Today, we're going to give you a tool which can be used to Rehash EXE Game Hacks. This makes it so that if someone has created a game hack that is in an exe format (extension), then you can change it's

Advanced KEY and MOUSE Recorder Download

Advanced KEY and MOUSE Recorder is a tool which will allow you to record not only key strokes, but also mouse movements, and then play them back. Or even edit them, to fine tune them to your needs. As a

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu – Free Download

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu is an external tool/menu for Grand Theft Auto V, which works on PC games only. It provides many features including Teleportation, Heal, Fast Running, No Weapon Reload, and Freeze Ammunition. The full features are

BNS Breast Size Modifier

Why would you want a Blade and Soul Breast Size Modifier? You might be thinking that you can already adjust the size of breasts when you create your character, and this is true. But what if you want to make

Lag7 Tool Re-Upload

What is the Lag7 Tool? Well, it's a tool which will allow you to create lag, and to use it at certain times. Originally, it's uses were used mainly for World of Warcraft, but today, with so many different MMOs

Black Market Auction House Scanner – WoW

There are a few different Black Market Auction House Scanner's out there. One notable one, will even cost you a bit of money. So wiirgi came up with an idea, why not make his own? Better yet, why not share it!

Unlock DLC Steam Content tool – COD:BO3

Now you can do a complete Unlock DLC Steam Content in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for when you play solo mode. All it takes is this tool, and a free weekend, to download the files needed to open your

Temporary GameGuard Bypass

This Temporary GameGuard Bypass is just that, temporary. If you want to inject code into your game, and only need a few moments to do it, then this is probably the best solution for you. It does require a 3rd party

Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool

The Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool will allow you to take health potions when needed, so that you don't need to do so. Basically, you set it up at what ever threshold you want (I recommend 35%), so that you

Sandboxie for gamers

Sandboxie for gamers

If you're new to the world of gaming, then you might wonder how Sandboxie could be a great tool for gamers. Well first I should clarify. Sandboxie is good for gamers who like to bot or use game hacks. While VMWare

Lag7 GameHack

The Lag7 GameHack is a tool for Windows which will allow you create artificial lag in games. Since this is not a game hack which interacts directly with any game, there should not be any problems with suspensions or bans.

MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector

Instead of creating a specific tool to grab those free chips every 4 hours, I am going to teach you to make your own MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector. First off, you will need a Windows System to do this. It

Multiple Key Spammer Tool

Multiple Key Spammer Tool

With the Multiple Key Spammer Tool, this tool could help prevent hours of endless work, to take down a World Boss, BAM, or Boss Mob. How? By helping to keep your buffs up. Imagine a scenario, you've been fighting, doing

Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder Free Today

Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder

I like to use a Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder, when I need to repeat the same process over and over in a game. Sometimes I will use a Macro Recorder which will make it so that I only have to hit

Gamer Play Timer – Free! – Offer Expired

Gamer Play Timer

If you're a gamer then you need Gamer Play Timer. If you are the type of gamer which gets lost in games, and loses track of time, then you REALLY need this Gamer Play Timer. It's free until midnight. It's

Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool

Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, was originally created solely for the author, but was re-coded to make it more user friendly, and shared with others, code named D3X. The Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, allows you to create, organize, and store macros on the

WiFi Password Cracker Tool

This WiFi Password Cracker Tool for Windows allows you to recover or crack the password to almost any WiFi — including secure WiFi networks protected by WPA and WPA2 — using five methods of attack: dictionary, word, mask, combination, and hybrid

Driver Booster Pro – Full Download

Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster Pro will automatically download and install the latest drivers, which in turn will cause your Windows based system to be up to date. This in turn means less crashes and increases the performance of your gaming system. This

XTrap Bypass for Online Game-Hacking

XTrap Bypass is simply a tool which will allow you to bypass the game protection code on online games like Knights Online, EVE Online, S4 Leauge, etc.  Please note that XTrap Bypass, is a specialized tool, but should help our cheating

ESO: Remove your login information from screenshots & videos

Here is an open-source watermark removal patcher. It removes your account name from the screen, so you can safely share screenshots and videos with the world.