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SWTOR: 75k Players left…

This is an approximation, based on there only being 23 servers left, with an approximation of 3k players per server (give or take) I am guestimating the total game population to be around 75k, down from 2million sales is VERY

SWTOR: Buy crafting droid upgrades, without legacy droid

Some people say this is working as intended, but what makes this special, is that you can save 1M credits, and still get the sensors.

SWTOR: How to kill any mob, in any flashpoint, solo

In SWTOR, there is a game hack, which is fairly simple to do which will allow you to kill any melee mob. If it can do a ranged attack, then you won't be able to kill it easily. We highly

SWTOR: Republic (only) Social Points Cheat

Restrictions: You must be a Republic character The character you hope to grind the social, cannot have done "Tempting Fate" ever. Any other group members must have the same conditions as your character (never done it, etc.) I was able

Diablo 3: Signature Generator

If you haven't seen this already, then you might be interested in this. It's a signature generator for online games like Diablo 3, SWTOR, WoW, GuildWars, Runes of Magic and more. I went ahead and made one for Diablo 3,

SWTOR: Legacy XP Grind exploit

This is an exploit which will allow you to gain around 100 Legacy XP per minute. While this doesn't sound like much, understand that when you're in Hardmode Raids, you get about 7-8 LXP per trash kill. So LXP by

SWTOR: Repeat Sith Inq Class quest, loot boxes repeatedly

This will allow you to repeat the Sith Inquisitor class quest for chapter 2 everytime you visit Hoth, or want some extra free loot. It only works for the ending, but will allow you to gain some random loot chests

SWTOR: Attack opposite faction base

If you've been wondering how those pesky Empire fanatics got to your base, when it should be nigh impossible, then this will hopefully teach you how. This cheat works for both the Empire and Republic.

SWTOR: Spread Rakghoul Plague in the Fleet

There's a new world event on Tatooine involving a Rakghoul plague. During your questing you may get a debuff that will cause you to explode after a while. When you explode, you gain 5x Rakghoul DNA samples, the same as

SWTOR: Keep playing for free when your subscription ends

Is your billing ending soon and you cant get the cash for a couple days to pay for it? No problem, follow these instructions to play for free when your subscription ends.

SWTOR: Speed Hacking with Cheat Engine

A lot of people think that hacking in Cheat Engine will get you banned. That's kind of true, and kind of not true. I am not sure why Bioware hasn't installed any anti-cheat software, but really there is nothing in

SWTOR: Mail legacy moddable BM/War hero gear to your alts

There are legacy orange (moddable) items for sale on a vendor in your home world (Dromund Kaas and Coruscant) that sell for 100 to 200k a piece. You can put war hero, BM, or any bound-to-you armoring/mods/enhancements in them and

SWTOR – PvP: How to gain extra Huttball Warzone Completion

This cheat will allow you to gain extra Warzone Completions in Huttball. This only seems to grant you an additional warzone completion for the weekly and daily quests. This will not grant you extra valor/credits/commendations.

SWTOR: Get the new Orobird/Orokeet non-combat pet

As you may or may not know Bioware implemented a few new non-combat pets, such as the Taunta. One in particular is named the Orobird/Orokeet, as you can see below. In this guide I will show you how to get

SWTOR: Sith Inquisitor quest line – Foot of the Colossus

In SWTOR, for the Sith Inquisitor quest line on Dromund Kaas, the Sith Inquisitor must get to the foot of the unfinished colossus and find the archaeological plans. Next the Sith Inquisitor must get the Trandoshan relic from Lord Ogathu

SWTOR: The patcher service is temporarily unavailable – error

This seems to be a known error for SWTOR, and has been happening in recent days since the last patch. If you are experiencing this error, there are a few fixes suggested by Bioware and players alike.

SWTOR: The new complete dailies quest list for patch 1.2

With the release of 1.2, there is going to be a big rush to do dailies for credits and also leveling alts to gain benefits of the legacy system. I have created this guide here to help you with all

SWTOR: Emulator Project Underway – Download Now

It's only been a few short months, and already there is a working emulator for SWTOR. This might come as a shock, and let me tell you, the files for this thing are HUGE! We're looking at about 20 GB

SWTOR: Complete Wealthy Hutts rip

Someone sent me a message stating that I hadn't finished the Wealthy Hutts rip, and that they have been waiting for a while. So here's to you Mrs. Robinson. The file is kind of big. I fixed the images and

SWTOR: The Lost Episodes of StarWars

When patch days come, and you're missing SWTOR, just remember that it isn't as far far away as you thought. Just visit this page and remember the epic battles you could be fighting against the dark side, or even the

SWTOR: Skills to take when Bot leveling

When you are leveling your newly created character up via a Space Mission bot, we have to recommend 3 gathering skills to take. They are Treasure Hunting, Diplomacy, and Slicing. Obviously if you are leveling via a grindage bot or