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TSM Raw Materials List for BfA – WoW

TSM Raw Materials List for BfA, is a list of mats you should be looking out for in WoW, right now. Buy the items off the Auction House and when the expansion comes out on 14 August, you will not

SWTOR: Simple Crafting Guide and Overview

This is a simple crafting guide, which will teach you the basics about crafting in SWTOR. It will teach you how to craft, what the skills are with a brief description, as well as recommended skill for your type of

World of Warcraft: 450-525 Cataclysm Inscription Guide + Gold Tip

This is the Inscription Guide, for WoW: Cataclysm. It will teach you the quickest, cheapest way to max out your Inscription from 450-525. We'll tell you where to train, what to train, who to train with, and show you only the

World of Warcraft: Starting Archaeology Video Guide

If you plan to try to be first to level Archaeology up, with the release of Cataclysm tonight at midnight, then this video guide will help you get started. If you need more help, then this video guide provides, check

Final Fantasy XIV: Local Levequests & Basics to Crafting

In FFXIV local levequests are a great way to level crafting and earn some money while doing so. This post covers the basics of how local levequests work, and a few tricks.

FFXIV: Basics Blacksmithing Guide

Learning to craft in Final Fantasy XIV has a strong learning curve. This guide will teach you the basics not just of Blacksmithing, but of other skills as well. While made for Blacksmithing, 98% of the guide, can be applied

Age of Conan: Efficient Rough/Brindles Leather Gathering Guide

I've tried many different places for gathering rough / brindled leather. So far the best place seems to be The Purple Lotus Swamp. This works best for players who can do ranged attacks (Rangers and mages that can attack from

Age of Conan: Complete Weaponsmithing Tier 6 guide

In Age of Conan , Weaponsmiths craft weapons of all kinds from various materials. Weaponsmiths are also able to create weapon enhancement materials, such as whetstones and polishes. Some of the items used in AoC Weaponsmithing can be acquired through

World of Warcraft: WoW Skinning Guide, 1-450

In World of Warcraft, the Skinning profession enables players to skin the corpses of certain mobs to obtain various kinds of leather, hide, scales, and fur. These items can be used by Leather Workers to create armor, bags, and other

Final Fantasy XI: Complete Goldsmithing Guide

In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), players who take up Goldsmithing are able to create pieces of jewelry, armor, and other items using precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum. A lot of the supplies you need for Goldsmithing can

WoW: Complete Alchemy guide 1-450

In World of Warcraft, the Alchemy profession enables players to create potions, elixirs, oil, flasks, and cauldrons from various herbs and reagents. Items produced from Alchemy have a variety of effects, ranging from healing to elemental resistance and more. Given

Archlord: Easy gold for low levels

These days, so few people craft. They would rather sit around, buying potions and food from others.  Those who do craft, rarely want to go out and get their own mats.  This is where this simple guide will accelerate you

Aion: Asmodian Complete Cooking Guide

Aion's Cooking crafting skill enables players to cook food using a variety of ingredients. Apart from replenishing HP/MP/DP, different kinds of food provide various buffs, including increased Flight Time, increased Maximum MP/HP, and boosts in Skills. As with any other

Aion: Know where every mob, quest, or trade skill item drops

If you use one of our skill leveling guides, and you don't feel like buying all your items so you can save some Kinah. Instead you want to gather some of them, then this is the ultimate database for you.

Aion: Elyos Armorsmithing guide

Aion's Armorsmithing crafting skill enables players to craft various types of armor, shields, and other items made of metal. Though time and Aion Kinah consuming, Armorsmithing produces decent items be useful to most players, especially Warriors and Priests. As with any

Aion: Elyos Sewing guide

Elyos Sewing Guide Aion's Sewing crafting skill enables players to create items made of leather and cloth, such as belts, helmets, and armor. Though this craft is not very good for earning Aion Kinah, it's a useful skill for Scouts and

Aion: Asmodian Sewing Guide

Asmodian Sewing Guide Aion's Sewing crafting skill makes is so players can create items made of leather and cloth, such as helmets, belts,  armor, and other goodies. This craft is not very good for earning Aion Kinah, however it's a

WoW: Blacksmithing Guide

As followers of this site might already know, I have been working on leveling my Blacksmithing on my shadow priest.  I know, I know - wft is a shadow priest doing leveling blacksmithing... I usually choose a class which doesn't

Lotro Round Up

A whats new in Lotro 2009 was exciting, as for a while there were two major exploits which have both been removed on the NA servers and I believe the EU servers but may still be working (but being banned

FFXI: LeatherCrafting Guide

In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), players who take up Leathercraft are able to create weapons and armor using animal hide and leather. A lot of the supplies you need for Leathercraft can be purchased from guild merchant or from other

LOTRO: New Updates

Oath of the Rangers Written by Ashling Recently Turbine released Volume 3, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers onto the live LotRO servers. This patch includes a lot of much needed and eagerly awaited features such as four Skirmishes, new