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Player Kick Griefing Macro – Fortnite Save the World

This Player Kick Griefing Macro is only for Fortnite Save the World, which is the cooperative play portion of Fortnite. It will allow you to kick another player from your group and is an AHK macro. You will need to download




WoW: Mailbox COD Scam

This does not work everytime, but if you are lucky, it can work a few times for you. If it does work... you might get the gold AND the items back in the mail. There is a simple trick to

GW2: Level 80… So now what?

If you just hit 80, then your lifelong goal is complete, and I kinda pity you, while worshiping you at the same time, however with more people are starting to hit level 80, you are all hitting the same choices.

D3: How to do the Trade Window Scam

This “Secure Window Trade” exploit has been happening very often, it’s time one of us came up with a solution to prevent this, especially for our loyal readers. However because it does give the info on how it's achieved and propagated,

The Secret World: Common Questions Answered

While it doesn't seem that you can add more bars in the game for abilities, you might also notice that it's not possible to add pots (potions) such as health regen to the bars either. There is how ever a

WoW: Invincible God Mode, No damage, Solo Dragon Soul Boss

This "Godmode" will allow you to become invincible for upto 15 minutes. We recommend you use this to take out bosses, solo in instances such as in Dragon Soul. You will be able to attack them, but they won't be able to

EVE: Basic Mechanics to Trading

The mechanics of trading are a little bit hard to grasp. The market is divided between buyers and sellers.  Players put up "buy orders" for items, and another player can fill this order.  They can also decide to put things

StarWars Galaxy: Trader Specialization Build

What is the Expertise System? The overall goal of the system is to offer new and exciting choices for players to make about the development of their characters. These choices offer players the chance to further customize their character creating

Aion: Making easy Kinah with Crafting

This guide was user submitted for Free VIP access, and has been cleaned for clarity. Here's how to easily make Kinah, every time, with any profession. It's a map to making money, and not specific items, so you will never

WoW: Trade gold between servers + random travel

One of these tricks, is a speculation by me, for which I have not been able yet to test.  I hope to be able to test it in the near future, but it takes someone trusting to collaborate.  It's an

WoW: Trade Raid items, between different Raids

AoC: Trader Exploit

When someone does a search for an item on the trader, it will give a page of results. For example, do a search for Beguiler Blood and it will show various amounts from different sellers.