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Trading Post Change – WoW

I have managed to Trading Post Change and have done it a couple times, to verify it works. It's an effective way to make gold in WoW so you can buy items for garrison resources. However the prices of the items depends

GW2: Avoid Losing Gold at the Trading Post

A mistake that many players do when going at the trading post is selling low priced items and materials. Although the Trading Post doesn’t allow the buyers to post offers for an item under their default selling price at a

GW2: Speculation regarding the Haloween Event & Gold making

With the announcement that Black Lion Chests would contain Halloween skins for weapons the price of the chests jumped from 3c to nearly 40c, It has now settled to around 19c-22c. I know that some players had ridiculous quantities of

Guild Wars 2: Gold Guide – Flipping Exotic Sigils for profit

Playing with the GW2 trading post and the upgrade components sector of the market requires different tactics depending on what you're buying to flip profitably. But you can make very nice profits in this part of the Guild Wars 2

GW2: Farming Spot for Vials Of Powerful Blood

Farming spots are a great way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. This farming spot is fairly popular among farmers, which in this case is a good thing due to the amount of mobs and the strength of the

GW2: 5 Tips to Making Gold off the Trading Post

We were all noobs once, right? Here are 5 tips which will help you to make gold off the Trading Post. Keep in mind that it's always a learning curve to learn something, and making gold off the Trading Post,

GW2: Weaponsmithing Cheap Fast 1-400 Crafting Guide

This is our final crafting guide for GW2. Here we cover 1-400 Weaponsmithing and provide the fastest and cheapest way to level this profession. Please note that we present to you a material list for each set of levels, and

GW2: 1-400 Cheap Fast Tailoring Guide

  This guide teaches you to level your GW2 Tailoring from 1-400 using the least amount of GW2 Gold as possible, while still speeding you along to the top of the leveling pack. To cut costs you can farm your

GW2: Huntsman 1-400 Fast Cheap Crafting Guide

Here you will find everything you need to, in order to level your crafting for Huntsman from 1-400. We have made it fast and easy, and included the materials you will need so that you can either gather them ahead

GW2: Armorsmithing 1-400 Cheap Fast Leveling Guide

This guide will teach you to level Armorsmithing 1-400 in the fastest, cheapest way possible. You will end up paying some GW2 gold if you want to do it fast. If you want to harvest the items yourself then doing

GW2: Making Gold with the TP method – works on most games

Once in a while I see one of these guides pop-up for a different item on making some money, and people seem astonished that it works so well. Basically the concept is buy low, and sell high, but use the

GW2: How To Make Gold via the Trading Post

This is a rather long video/video cast, so I have linked you the part which pertains to making gold in GuildWars 2. Of course it can be an arduous task, which is why you can always Buy GW2 Gold, that's

Using Disposable Alts to make Gold, Platinum, or Credits

In the world of gaming, a disposable alt, is a character you use for a short amount of time, then delete when their usefulness has passed. We can use disposable alts in many games, for may reasons, however the best

How to run a monopoly in-game

The hardest part about running a monopoly, is usually just the sheer amount of time. However by using the below tactics, you can run a monopoly with just a little bit of time invested, like 24-48 hours over a weekend.

Traders Auction House Guide to Avoiding the Doorbusting Fail

Doorbusting Fail is a ultra fancy term for when a player sees a great opportunity on the auction house, trading post, bazaar, or similar listing location and they dump all their product at once for the lowest price at the

AoC: Trader Exploit

When someone does a search for an item on the trader, it will give a page of results. For example, do a search for Beguiler Blood and it will show various amounts from different sellers.