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Civilization 6 Trainer +22 – FLiNG

This Civilization 6 Trainer +22 by FLiNG works with versions 1.0 to v1.0.0.194 and will add several features to the game including 1-turn research, 1-turn civics, Add 1000 Influence, Infinite Unit movement (explore the world an a moment), and infinite gold. Of

Assassins Creed Origins Game Hack Download

Today, we're bringing you an Assassins Creed Origins Game Hack. It augments the game Assassin's Creed Origins in the following ways: Set money/gold, infinite ammo and health, 1-hit kill, always invisible, and speed hack. Since you may or may not have

Call of Duty WWII Game Hack Download

This Call of Duty WWII Game Hack works with v1.3.0.15989 of the game. It adds 14 different functions into the game including Teleport, 1 Hit Kill, and Super Jump. It also gives infinite ammo, health, and grenades. See below for a full

Middle Earth Shadow of War Game Trainer +10

This Middle Earth Shadow of War Game Trainer features several must have game hacks including Unlimited Might and Focus, 1-Hit Kill, Unlimited Health, and Mega XP. But these are just a small sampling of the hacks available for this game.

Endless Space 2 Game Hack Download – FLiNG

There are a few features to this Endless Space 2 Game Hack which you will probably want, if you like this game and wish to use in this turn based spcae based Sci-Fi game. Endless Space 2 can be played as

Starway Fleet Game Hack – No reload, Unlimited Ammo

Starway Fleet Game Hack gives you 4 different hacks you can use in this First Person shooter. What is Starway Fleet? It's a starship fighter shooter game, where you control a ship, and try to defeat enemies and their armada.

Fragmented Game Hack – Early Access Release

If you play Fragmented, or have thought about playing, then you might want to use this Fragmented Game Hack to not only level up faster, but to avoid damage, while at the same time inflicting maximum damage. I know it's a

Ark Survival Evolved Game Hack

This Ark Survival Evolved Game Hack contains 23 hacks for you to play with and to dominate other players and dinosaurs alike. There is no reason you ever need to be beaten within the game again. Never run out of food,

Nuclear Throne update 99 Cheat Table

Nuclear Throne update 99 Cheat Table adds some amazing cheats to this game including (but not limited to) unlimited health, ammo, energy. Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter. Not 'the final hope of humanity' post-apocalyptic, but 'humanity is

Earthfall Game Cheat – Cheat Table Download

This Earthfall game cheat is for the new game available on Steam which is described as a co-operative shooter for up to four players. Using team-based tactics to fortify holdouts and complete objectives, players must work together to survive. Earthfall Game

Grim Dawn Game Hack

This Grim Dawn Game Hack, will enhance your play of the game with 6 distinctive cheats. It will give you the option to have Infinite Health, Infinite Mana, give yourself 10k gold, 1k XP, 10 attribute points, and/or 10 skill

Dark Souls 3 Trainer – 1 Hit Kill + 3

With this Dark Souls 3 Trainer you will gain 4 important game hacks. You will gain infinite health, 1-Hit Kill, Infinite Stamina, and finally Infinite Health. If you've had any problems passing Dark Souls 3 (shop now), then this game hack

Resident Evil 7 Game Hack – Free Download

`pSYcHo has done it again with this Resident Evil 7 Game Hack for Windows. With this game hack, you'll get infinite health - never die again, Infinite Ammo - Never run out of ammo and 3 other trainers which will make you

Elder Scrolls Skyrim SE Game Trainer

If you're playing the PC version of Elder Scrolls Skyrim SE, it might be time to check out this Elder Scrolls Skyrim SE Game Trainer. It's got 14 different game hacks for you to enjoy including Infinite Health, Stamina, and Mana,

Ark Survival Private Server Trainer

This Ark Survival Private Server Trainer is a game hack meant for non-official servers. While it might be possible to use some of the features on an official server, we would highly recommend against it, so that you don't lose

5 Pokemon eGuides – Free PDF Download

The other day, I released 1 PDF guide, and it got me to thinking... why not release some more. So I purchased these 5 Pokemon eGuides available around the net, converted them to PDF, and put them up on our hosts

Tsunaface v1.2 – Warface Trainer

This Warface Trainer called Tsunaface v1.2, only has a few slim features, but works on both North American and European servers. This simple trainer comes in an easy to use executable, so that you need not worry about injecting the Warface Trainer

FIFA 16 Game Hack Free Download

The FIFA 16 Game Hack & Trainer has a few functions which will work with the game. Most noticeably are being able to add goals to matches in both online and offline play, thus allowing you for an easy win

BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table

The BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table, is a set of offsets to use with the PC version of COD BlackOps 3. You can use these to make your own trainer, or to change the game to your liking - at least

LUA Interrupt Trainer – WoW

LUA Interrupt

Here is a LUA interrupt trainer, it will prevent your interrupts if your target isn't casting. This can be spammed, so that you can simply interrupt your enemy or mob, even if the enemy or mob isn't yet casting anything.

Call of Duty: Extinction Trainer – God Mode, No Clip, Set Money

This game-hack can be used in solo play, and in multi-player. However in multiplayer, not all the functions will work. Features: Teleport/Warp to saved positions God Mode (Unlimited Health) Unlimited Ammo Rapid Fire No Clip (move through objects) Set money