10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs – World of Warcraft

10 Best Transmog Dungeon RunsWhen it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft, I like to use these 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs. There are several ways to make your gold, but transmog can be over the top, when there are few items on the auction house.

Specifically, I like to hit up these dungeons to maximize my return on time invested. I also like to rotate the dungeons I will hit, rather than hitting one every day, flooding the market. If you're looking to make quick wow gold, there aren't many consistent alternatives. 

10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs

These 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs are listed from best to worst for Return on Investments based on the time it takes to run, and the maximim gold possible to achieve. Remember, that servers may deviate from the average, so check your server for item values.

Dungeon/Instance My Rating Comments
Ahn'Qiraj Amazing - Luck Dependent Contains a lot of big items but more small items. Hit or miss! You might go in and get 4k, or you might get 80k+.
ZulFarrak Amazing - Consistent Lots of medium priced items. Tends to drop a lot of them frequently.
Razorfen Downs Amazing - Rogue Good - Rest of classes Recommended farming this on a rogue due to the amount of big items that can drop in chests. However mob drops can still be great, if you're lucky.
Ragefire Chasm Great - Alliance Dominated Server
Bad- Rest
Only about 5 items in here worth anything;Frequent Drops. Prices will be better on these items if you are on alliance dominant realm, due to accessibility to instance.
Uldaman Great - Luck Dependent Has the most expensive transmogs in game, however they are amongst the rarest items in game also. Hit or miss if you don't get any blue items or patterns.
Blackfathom Deeps Great - Consistent Drops heaps of medium greens. Blues are only the cherry on top. Expect 50k minimum every lockout.
Diremaul Great Each wing has its own strengths and great drop tables.
Wailing Caverns Medium Shares the big items from RFC but are alot more rare.. however there are alot of medium greens in here and a pet
Razorfen Kraul Medium Recommend using a rogue for chests but not necessary. A lot of medium 2k - 7k greens. Hit or miss unless you get a blue.
Blackrock Depths Medium - Luck Dependent Big items are hard to come by. A few decent greens but not many, its great if you are in need of large brilliant shards

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8 Dungeons to Avoid Gold Farming

I know this is a list of the 10 Best Transmog Dungeon Runs, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on another 8 that I farm infrequently. I farm them, when the markets are flooded or I am bored and want to do something different. A little luck goes a long way.

Dungeon/Instance My Rating Comments
Blackwing Lair Great - Mages
Bad - Others
Only farm-able on a mage due to resetting trash. A lot of medium greens. Big epics and Orb of Deception. Also a pattern or two.
Lower Blackrock Spire Bad Biggest item you'll receive here is an Orb of Deception but there are a few decent greens. A pain to run.
Shadowfang Keep Bad Good if you chance by a big blue, but the only green worth anything is Buccaneers vest.
Sunken Temple Poor A few greens, but you really need a blue to make it worth unless your skinning for Green Scholomance.
Deadmines Poor A few greens are ok, but pet is only thing worth anything Dragonscales
Strath SE Poor Greens are terrible. Only farm if you need mount.
Gnomergan Insane - If Lucky Very Poor if not Biggest hit or miss in game. Greens are worth next to nothing. A few blues are ok, unless you get one of the big twink items - then you hit the jackpot 500k+ !!!
Strath ME Poor - Consistent Greens can be ok but not frequent. Only do if bored

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Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear – WoW

Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire GearThis method to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear, may get fixed, or it may just flood the market with gear. So farm it now, and if it gets fixed, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones who managed to get this before it becomes nerfed, allowing for maximum profits. Of course there is an off chance that this might not get fixed, in which case, flooding the market with these gears is going to flood the market, in which case you were in it at the beginning, and maximized your profits ahead of time - a possible win-win, if you know this secret...

Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear

You can ''technically'' get at least 3+ Replica transmog items by exploiting the Class Trials feature. Below is a step-by-step guide to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear:You can now buy the replica gear or pets/toys with it for either collection or gold making.

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We are always looking for feedback. Let us know if this exploit guide on how to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear, is up to par, by leaving a comment below. Did it work for you, were you able to figure it out easily from the instructions, or is there a key component step missing... we want to know.

Hidden Weapon Transmog – WoW Cheat

A Hidden Weapon Transmog will change your current weapon into an invisible weapon. I am not sure if this is something anyone cares about or not, seems a bit pointless to me, but here it is anyways. You can apply a transmog which will render your weapon invisible in game. Interestingly, it's invisible to all players, so can be used in PVP, to confuse your enemies.

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Hidden Weapon Transmog

Hidden Weapon TransmogIn order to do the Hidden Weapon Transmog, just follow these instructions, and then watch the video of it being done, for additional instructions (which we might have missed).

  1. Go into your Main spec
  2. Enable "Apply to" to all Specs
  3. Transmog your weapon (doesnt rly matter into what)
  4. Go to second spec
  5. Change "Apply to" to only curreny spec
  6. Transmog your weapon AND weapon enchant
  7. Go back to main spec
  8. Go find your sword, its "hidden" now

The reason this works, is that your weapon will receive a transmog of an armor piece, which can't be displayed in your weapon slot.

Hidden Weapon Transmog video instructions (tip: press the gear button to slow down the video).

All credit for this Hidden Weapon Transmog to use Ferib. Check out his site to see more...

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End – WoW Cheat

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians EndIf you want to be able to Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End, you're going to need to be a ranged DPS type character to solo him and use this WoW Cheat. And to be honest, I am not sure it's possible not to solo this, because of the method that we are going to use to summon this boss.

I should mention that you will be able to do this daily or after a few hours, and you're going to avoid all of the other bosses, killing Nefarian and then looting him. There will be nothing else involved, including killing other adds.

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End explained:

So in order to Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End, we're going to need a ranged character, a few hours downtime, and a character capable of soloing Nefarian. Keep in mind, you won't be taking on Onyxia. You might choose to farm Nefarian for the transmog or for the Illusion: Power Torrent. Other then that, I can't see a good reason to farm Nefarian as even the gear can't be disenchanted for anything too valuable.

Here's how we do it...Rinse/Repeat to easily Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End. Like - Share - Comment!

WoW Legion End Game Guide

Congratulations you've reached the WoW Legion End Game! You've conquered the new zones in World of Warcraft: Legion! Now what? A common problem for new players in any MMORPG is that they often feel directionless upon hitting the max level. So now, here's a guide to teach you what you can work on next within the game... or of course you can do the age old tradition and sell your account... or not. But if you're one of the many, and you're planning on playing for a while, this is where the real game begins. Raiding, harder dungeons, reputation grinds, and PvP are just some of the options available to you now. Here's a guide to help you get situated and figure out where it is you want to adventure next.

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WoW Legion End Game

PvE WoW Legion End Game Content

PvE content is divided up based on how many people you're willing to associate yourself with. There's plenty of content in game for players looking to play alone, as well as with a small to huge party. Here's just some of the examples.



Currently, there are six factions adventurers can gain reputation with. Five of them have zones associated with them, and questing there will increase your reputation up to honored. The only exception to this, is The Wardens reputation that is only available once you've achieved max level.

At level 110, players are given the quest Uniting the Isles.  This quest is required to begin doing world quests, and gain reputation for the factions beyond what is available simply by leveling in each zone. Some classes and races gain benefits when it comes to gaining reputation, such as Human's Diplomacy. Mages now gain a 5% bonus if they are in possession of the artifact Ebonchill. Hunters also have a follower that records your feats, granting you a 5% bonus as well.

Why would you want to grind reputation? Well, aside from story aspects associated with each faction, they also have vendors that each offer different profession oriented recipes, as well as toys and pets. But perhaps most important is that gaining Revered rank with all factions gains you progress toward the achievement Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. Unlocking this achievement allows faster travel around the Broken Isles, and is presumed to be the first step towards flight in the new zones.

warlock-order-hallWarlock Class Hall

Class Halls:

One of the new additions to World of Warcraft: Legion is the introduction of Class Halls. Each one is unique to the class of your hero, and each has a quest chain that will require quite a lot of time to complete. The classes have various paths to completing their unique stories, but each one has a similar theme. You'll need to scour dungeons for powerful materials, send your champions out to put down threats or retrieve treasures, and collect some yourself from various enemies around the Broken Isles in order to finalize your class' story.

Improving your class hall will also net you some pretty sweet rewards in regards to gold, artifact power, gear, and visual upgrades for your artifact. It's one of the most reliable ways to gain artifact power, but it also requires you to have the resources to pay your champions, which will require you to go out into the field. There's also an app that you can download to access Order Hall features remotely.

World of Warcraft: Legion Companion is now available on iOS and Android, free of charge.

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As you've traveled the Broken Isles, odds are you've seen the enormous Elven city of Suramar. Suramar honestly deserves its own guide, and as such, we will cover all of its intricacies in detail later in the week. For now, lets discuss what you're in for if you decide to head to this zone.


Suramar is exclusive to level 110 players. This zone was intended by the designers to have a heavy focus on story, and is not intended to be a fast way to gear your character. The city is a complicated network of alleys and streets, each of them leading to a variety of enemies and allies that will help you solve the puzzle of this ancient city.

It is difficult to traverse at first, with only three flight paths in the entire area, so you will become reliant on teleporter beacons scattered throughout to quickly get to where you want to go. There are also two dungeons that can only be unlocked from completing the Suramar story line. If you enjoy World of Warcraft's rich lore, this should be your first stop upon achieving max level.

PvP WoW Legion End Game Content

As of right now, Player vs. Player content in World of Warcraft: Legion is not that different from what it was prior to the expansion going live. Granted, no one is running around the unsuccessful Ashran nowadays, most of the battlegrounds and arena maps you'll visit will be the ones you're already used to, with one major change.

PVP Skills

The PVP Prestige System:

Players now gain ranks from PvP that allow them to learn new talents specific to PvP battlegrounds and arenas. After you've hit level 50, you are allowed to Prestige your character, netting you some sweet cosmetic rewards: including mounts, artifact appearances, and portrait badges.

The new talents start with the Gladiator's Medallion, which works very similar to the old Insignia of the Alliance/Horde trinkets, but now acts as a spell instead of taking up a trinket slot. Each talent tree is not only unique to your class, but to your specialization as well, furthering the customization players will have when playing their favorite role.

pvp portrait badgesAn example of the cosmetic Portrait Badge upgrades.

While there is currently no new battlegrounds intended for Legion, there is a new arena for players who have grown bored with seeing the same locations time and again. This new addition is called Ashamane's Fall, and is located in the Val'Sharah section of the Broken Isles. It has a rich forest and is sparsely decorated with minor obstacles, although I'm sure Druids will still find something to hide behind.

Ashamane's Fall

Other WoW Legion End Game Collectibles:

World of Warcraft has been out for over a decade. As such, there are a LOT of things you can collect. For example, there are...

dc-heroes-transmogDC Heroes Transmog Fashion

  • Alternative outfits and weapons
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Achievements
  • Titles
  • Profession Recipes

None of these are new to Legion, but the expansion has done its part to add quite a few more of these to the game, as well as adding the transmog system that will allow you to permanently unlock any wearable armor/weapon's appearance across all characters that can use it. And yes, if you hate your Artifact Weapon's look, you can change it.

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Rare WoW Item – Battered Hilt for Transmog

It's not really a Rare WoW Item - Battered Hilt, but it is something which many people are seeking right now, and depending on your server might go for anywhere from 8 to 35 thousand WoW gold (read: Transmog). Continue reading "Rare WoW Item – Battered Hilt for Transmog"

Rare Transmogs Find – WoW

Rare TransmogsYou might not have known this, but there is a high chance you have some Rare Transmogs on your account, if you created your account prior to the release of Cataclysm. You didn't even have to do anything other then create a character, maybe just to reserve a name - which I used to do quite a bit of myself.

These Rare Transmogs, can be worth anywhere from 5k to 100k WoW Gold! Continue reading "Rare Transmogs Find – WoW"

LEGION Transmog Preparations – WoW

I decided it's time to start doing some LEGION Transmog Preparations. With this, I have been working out how to actually become prepared for LEGION and the best way I can think of is with transmog. While others will be farming gold, leveling their characters, or maxing out their gear, I will instead be farming LEGION transmog items. With the expansion not even remotely near release, now is the time to do this.... but how you ask? Continue reading "LEGION Transmog Preparations – WoW"

20k Gold Value Hourly – WoW

So when I say 20k Gold Value Hourly20k Gold Value Hourly - WoW, I mean you can farm this item value in WoW Gold, every hour of every day, using this method. However because some of the items you will be farming are transmog items, these items might take weeks to sell. On the other hand, all the other loot you gather, can easily make up for it.

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WoW Transmog Cheat

WoW Transmog Cheat
Darkmoon Faire Legacy Gear

There is an interesting WoW Transmog Cheat, which is not very well known. It will allow you to purchase an item from any vendor, even those for honor, valor, justice, Darkmoon Faire, or any other for that matter. Transmog an item to look like the item you purchased, then return said item for a full refund. If you ever wanted to take a crappy set of armor, and make it look like something special, but didn't want to actually farm up the entire set, this is the way to do it.

WoW Transmog Cheat confirmed working on patch 6.x for US and EU!


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WoW: Look like a Japanese Anime Character

With all the Transmog ideas floating around, I came across a website which shows some nice, and some outlandish outfits. Here's a sample I found which makes the character look a bit like a Japanese Superhero or Anime Character.

Hackadin of the Nightfall Male Blood Elf Paladin US Black Dragonflight [Lawbringer Helm] [Ruthless Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders] [Ruthless Gladiator’s Drape of Meditation] [Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Ornamented Chestguard] [Ruthless Gladiator’s Bracers of Meditation] [Lawbringer Gauntlets] [Lawbringer Belt] [Lawbringer Legplates] [Ruthless Gladiator’s Greaves of Meditation] [Ruthless Gladiator’s Gavel] [Aegis of the Sunbird] Continue reading "WoW: Look like a Japanese Anime Character"